Messi is the best!!!


marinermick said:
Wilsons said:
I would do anything to see him in action....
Except fly to South Africa or Spain or Melbourne!!
i hear there is a striker for lightning that is very messi-like
After my effort on Saturday!!!..Waltzed past four drew the keeper..rounded him and with only two men on the line standing in my way and goal of the pre-season..I hooked it wide ::)

Bring on Liverpool


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i agree messi is a desent player more then desent but the best i dunno Rooney is the best ATM all hail king Rooney


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Blair said:
priorpeter said:
Blair said:
marinermick said:
Paolo said:
Roman Pavlyuchencko is the best atm

doubt the rag tag mob would not have trouble pronouncing that name so he is out
No we just no talent
You have no talent?
one mans opinion
Well, to be fair, actually two. Apparently, going by your previous post of "No we just no talent", you also think along the same lines here. I think...


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Rooney is amazing and on fire at the moment, but Messi is from another planet. The only way to stop him is to triple mark him, and even that doesn't work most of the time. Most defenders are just reduced to kicking him.



They kick him, double even triple mark him and he still produces


serious14 said:
8 goals in a week.

22 years old.

Git farked.
His 2nd against Zaragoza was freakish(again)
If he did not get rugby tackled for the penalty it would of been out of this world!! gave the pen to Ibra nice guy 2