Messi is the best!!!

Discussion in 'Overseas Football' started by Wilson, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. graaant

    graaant New Member

    I couldn't resist!

    El Kareeeeeeemo, where art thou?
  2. skilbeck

    skilbeck New Member

    your wrong, 2 of those posts were 2 lines :p :piralaugh:
  3. fish

    fish New Member

    your useless wilson !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. soccersensei

    soccersensei Guest

    Hahahahaha that was actually a very funny read!
    Thanks for painting that target on your forehead Wilson :thumbup:
    Hope you can keep up the same high quality dumb ass work ;D
  5. Wilson

    Wilson Guest

    Sigh...To the 15 year old's, thanks for your angst!!

    To all the other's...I am on my way to the hills of India to meditate when I return I shall be as enlightened as all of you
  6. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    12 year olds***

    and no worries
  7. From the dug out

    From the dug out New Member

        Wilson......on your journey, please remember

    For the friendship of two, the patience of one is required. ;)

    Indain Proverb
  8. Sean

    Sean New Member

    Imagine the lovechild of Wilson and Kareem.
  9. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    There is a word for it.....perfection
  10. skilbeck

    skilbeck New Member

    I didn't realise the Marinators were becoming the International Eugenics Association but I guess there is no better way to start :p
  11. Aden

    Aden New Member

  12. Kareem

    Kareem Well-Known Member

    messi is better player than Ronaldo IMO
    Ronaldo will be the FIFA world player of year but only because AMessi was injured for part of the year. Interesting to see how Messi can go with a full season injury free!
  13. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    debate over
  14. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    I expect that anyone who disagreed with wilson will offer him a formal apology
  15. Wilson

    Wilson Guest

    Watch Barca TV, ESPN and Setanta...His skills are demonstrated on there perfectly for all to see. 
  16. fedelta

    fedelta New Member

    I don't own a television set.
  17. fedelta

    fedelta New Member

    But Barca TV is on Setanta so really you can only watch two of the above list.
  18. skilbeck

    skilbeck New Member

    I am sorry to Wilson for stating that its only one opinion that Messi is better than Ronaldo instead of clear cut fact. I understand now that Wilson is a complete authority on football and that his thoughts on the matter are indeed fact :p
  19. loyalist

    loyalist New Member

  20. From the dug out

    From the dug out New Member

    Zeek Hale WILSON

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