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Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by pjennings, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    Was just pin the tail on the donkey article, looking for a place for players the writer liked

    Broich is to old and a foreigner so won't get any bites
    Gameiro has had way to many injuries, needs 12 month in NPL just to get match fit and prove he's ready
  2. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    I would have loved Broich - just a bit too late. Gamiero as has been stated has been injury prone.

    We currently have Pearce, Ascroft, McGing, Roux, Rose, Berry, Powell, Pain, Buhagiar, Bingham.
    I would like to keep Galloway, Adelson and Appiah-Kubi.

    There are plenty of Australians here and overseas that we could look at with the occasional visa player thrown in. We could think about
    Cisak, Oldfield, Meredith, Baro, Ansell, Gallifuoco, Paartalu, Cerio, Marinkovic, Da Silva, Stead, Yeboah. I'd also like to get Kieren Dowell from Everton.

    We have gotten rid of some expensive players and will supposedly spend the best part of $900,000 more this season. There are plenty of options and I wouldn't be worrying about every podcast and blog quoting what they think we need. I suspect we will hear the final players that are leaving by the end of the month and I would expect to have new player announcements to be drip thread as the memberships go on sale with a full (or near full squad) ready for pre-season from the beginning of July.

    Give Paolo a chance with what will be his squad this coming season. People will be underwhelmed with some signings but this will be Paolo's first season with essentially his squad. I'm not worried that we haven't announced anyone yet and expect next season to be a marked improvement on the last.
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  3. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    Totally unrealistic because why would you come out of retirement after scoring a hat trick in your final game to win the championship - but I can dream.

    If King Luis wanted to convince his teammate Dirk Kuyt that he should put off his announced retirement and give it one more season on the Central Coast that would be brilliant. 39 games this year for Feyenoord for 15 goals and 8 assists at the age of 36 is amazing. 32 games at attacking mid for 14 goals and 8 assists. Renowned for his fitness and heart. Now that would be a signing.

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  4. Pirate Pete

    Pirate Pete Active Member

    I was going to mention that an ex Liverpool player had just announced his retired, so that would be what we're looking for.

    Appiah-Kubi has already signed for next season hasn't he?
  5. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    Haven't seen a confirmation. I have seen an article saying that he is set to re-sign for another year - maybe it got delayed with Paolo going overseas.
  6. Luca Brasi

    Luca Brasi Active Member

    This. Only 10 players on contract for next season atm and some heavy duty recruiting required.
    A little underwhelming and he is a genuine scummer but it makes sense. Coached by PO in U20/23 set ups, burnt his bridges at Scum and SFC. He is a left winger (hardly what we need) and in 90 A League games only scored 6 goals. Last season though scored 5 of those goals in 26 games. He has one of those 'punch him in the head no questions asked' Robbie Kruse type faces.
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  7. Luca Brasi

    Luca Brasi Active Member

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  8. Bladesman

    Bladesman Active Member

    My concern is that of the list of players I would say we have 4 of a starting 11. If we sign the right 5 players we can probably get away with 2 of the others in the starting 11. I am not sure that we will attract or afford the 5 players we need.

    For the life of me I cannot understand the Monty situation, with all of the change that is going to take place having him on the pitch and leading the squad should have been an absolute priority. We have no leader in the players we have so are going to have to bring in a captain as Roux doesn't cut it there yet.

    Even if we do get a squad the time for them to come together and become a team is also a concern, I think it is going to be another long season with retaining our fair play award being the only thing we are likely to compete for.
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  9. Ozhammer

    Ozhammer Member

    Have to agree completely with the above, hence my previous posts about Okon's bloody mindedness in forcing Monty out. The guy seemingly has a real issue about perceived threats, when he should have been utilising Monty's reputation and influence for all that it is worth.

    I remain very pessimistic about our chances for a successful season despite who might or might not be signed, as it takes time to recreate a team and we are one club that can't afford another season of 'transition'.
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  10. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

  11. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    Only 3 left in limbo

    I wonder if we hold on to all 3?
    Neill might survive with no left backs at the club
  12. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    Current team

    GK - Pearce
    RB - Roux
    LB - None
    CB - No Specialist
    CB/DM - Ashcroft, McGing and Rose
    Midfielder- Berry
    AM - None
    LW - Pain
    RW - Buhagiar
    Striker - Bingham and Powell
  13. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    In 2010 Graham Arnold came in after the 2010 World Cup. He added, McBreen. Rostyn Griffiths, Josh Rose, Bozanic, McGlinchey, Perez and Zwaanswijk to a squad that finished 8th on 30 points the year before 1 point in front of the bottom team. In Arnold's first year he returned mid July after the World Cup final, we finished second on 57 points and should have won the Grand Final that never was. We improved 27 points with the right 7 players and with a shortened pre-season.

    The Mariners were an also ran team and Arnie was toxic in the football community and yet he was able to attract the right players for a major turnaround. I don't thing we will replicate a 27 point improvement but that is the type of turnaround I am looking for. We have had the hard times and now we need to invest in the squad and start delivering on the field.
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  14. Ozhammer

    Ozhammer Member

    Fair point but the question is will MC's pockets be deep enough to put a similar level of quality on the park?
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  15. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    Last year we reportedly spent the salary floor or $2.34m. We have probably lost our three highest earners in Roy, Fabio and Monty. The 10 we currently have on our books are all young with Storm and Powell the oldest at 23 and 25. Michael Charlesworth has said he is looking at spending at least the cap this year (the 'at least' may be hinting at the $150000 of wages that is outside the cap for 3 players under the age of 23 that have come through our youth system). The cap has been reported as likely to be $3.2m. I would suggest (given lower wages for the younger players) that we have close to what we spent last year in total left to fill the remaining 13-16 players.

    (I have no idea what players are paid - just that there is a minimum for young players and a different minimum for older players).

    These are
    Under 20 - $41,533 (excluding superannuation);
    and 20 and over - $55,715 (excluding superannuation).

    If we only sign 13 more players that means we have an average of $180,000 per player to spend, if we sign 16 players that means we have an average of $155,000 per player to spend. Not all the players that we sign will be first team first choices but those sort of averages mean that we should be able to attract the enough of the quality players we need together with some solid squad players to put together a very competitive squad.
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  16. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    Taveras was on more than Roy and Monty, but the salary cap is being offered at $2.8m with a $3.2 grant.

    Still will have plenty of cash as we have filled the benches just need the starters
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  17. Tevor

    Tevor Active Member

    I'm convincing myself to be patient as most clubs are holding off on key announcements until June of even July to leverage them for membership announcements as many have said on the forum already. I have no doubt PO spent most of last season putting a squad plan together and the fact MC has funded a European scouting trip talks volumes. Like some I'm going to reserve my decisions until later and just enjoy reading all the goss from every team on our very long off season. Bring on expansion so the off season can be shortened please FFA. Was reading the movements so far the other day and all but about three clubs have not announced any new players so we are not alone.
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  18. midfielder

    midfielder Well-Known Member

    I don't take Okon for a fool ... he understands what he needs to do ... with Jest getting their act together and the Nix look like having a big name coach.... next year is looking very competitive...
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  19. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    Now we know why Paulo went to Melbourne, baro a target as well as Cirio and we are tabling an offer for a Dutch DM.

    Quotes are from Shaun so no bullshit article

    I'm sure every A-League club that have positions to fill would look at Alan Baro, he's a fantastic player," Mielekamp said.

    Mielekamp confirmed attacker Sergio Cirio, released by Adelaide, was another player the Mariners were looking at closely, along with overseas targets.

    "There's a Dutch defensive midfielder we've got an offer in for and we're hoping things fall into place there in the next seven to ten days," he said. "There are good times ahead for our recruitment."
    Last edited: May 21, 2017
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  20. JoyfulPenguin

    JoyfulPenguin Well-Known Member

    Baro only got better as the season went on so looks a good recruit, should be more settled with the language and culture. Cirio with a full pre season behind him should be good too. Excited that Paolo is looking beyond the A-League for our visa recruits, hopefully we can snag a good one.
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