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Black pudding is basically a scab , as described to me by a local in Camden town (London) on a O/S trip
Haha. He forgot the fat content. It goes down alright as long as you have a huge mug of tea to help wash it down.


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Nothing wrong with a good blood sausage... fried with some brown sugar, yum!
Eel, smoked or otherwise, I could never stomach, not even chased by a glass of Aquavit...

Pirate Pete

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Ok, now we reeeeeally need to get back on topic.
x 1000000
Black Pudding

Jellied Eels

So changing the subject I was talking to someone the other day who said it was time to start organising Christmas parties.
Having a look at the fixture list we are away to Brisbane on 30th November.
How does that sound for a forum Christmas do? The leagues club or Monty's place at Erina?
Close enough to Christmas, but not so close everyone will be busy.
Next date would be 14th December, but that's the smurfs away and some people may travel.


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Maybe we just start a seperate thread - ‘horrific things mariners fans eat and tell tales about when they are bored with a slow forum day’.

Any takers?


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Hi Shaun,

I know you can't say anything until deals are done - but are we on the hunt for a couple of players still?
I know most here are hoping for a striker and cb - are either or both of these being considered?
Finally, is the final Visa spot still being assessed?