Rd 10 South Gosford FC V Central Coast Mariners


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We all know its never good to comment just after a loss but f**k me dead we should have got a point out of that!
Clisby can go and get f**ked


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Another game we were in and walk away with nothing. Hurts.

Also, f**k Clisby right off. Blokes an absolute liability.


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So again that game highlights, we need a LB, we need someone to play DM the whole game, crosses need to be sharp and from the byline corner of the box, we needed a new striker, we are terrible in attack but serviceable in defence. Any more to add?


Very proud tonight of all the players (except one). I really like Kim in the backline. Jaír looked good given more time I think will prove a good buy. The boys play like that every week they will win more than lose.


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I’ll go against the grain and say we played really well tonight, if we play the same way we’re a top 4 team. Sfc banged 5 in last week and we concede one. We had so many chances tonight against the number 1 team, I’m walking away from that feeling really positive

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Who’d be a coach. Come up with a good game plan and ALL THE BACKS (not just Clisby) we’re asleep on quick free kick 4 mins in.

Ziggy and Kim were way late and caught out. Just as much as Clisby.


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A number of SFC fans were very complimentary about our boys this evening. Some even said that’s the best defensive effort (free kick lapse excepted) that they have seen from any opponent this season.

I have to give the team a pass on tonight’s efforts, but for one mistake and one player not being up to the job (answers on a postcard please), the boys made SFC look pretty ordinary.

Good to see Kim get 90 minutes and I thought he gave a Captain’s knock too.

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Kim at the back is very smart as his passing gives a great start to our build up but we then missed the quality on the next link in the chain and movement was to slow. I liked DDS coming back and being that link in the later part of 2nd half

Clisby was forced high by Staj. I think Oar could slip into that position and at he at least hits one good cross.

Played really well late even if Sydney took the foot off.

Could see all the boys get the shits when Clisby put both crosses way over

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After this game i think DDS is not an attacker (we all knew that) but a box to box mid almost a DM. His control and pace lets us get out.

Should be Kim CB to DDS to Milan

SS and GG to do the defensive DM work with DDS doing the attacking Mid link work

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I liked the way Staj had the team set up.
3 at the back with a packed midfield worked well and SFC really had no answer. The defence was better than parking the bus and we really should have made more of this packed midfield.
Agree with Al. Clisby not alone in blame for their goal.
Both wingbacks (Clisby and SS) played high and neither were really out there to defend.
Kim was solid at the back and played a great captain's game.
Ziggy had his best game yet and was awesome getting forward late to make things happen.
Still a lot of work needed on confidence and understanding in attack. It will come.
I thought DDS worked his butt off. Good to see the commitment.
Jair showed he has more to offer us than Simon or Muz. I predict he will turn FFC into a believer before the season is over.

The positives I take away.
Great to have coach who is prepared to change things around depending on opponents.
I suspect we may have a striker.
SFC were not off their game, we nullified their attack.
We have found a captain.

Still a fair way to go but we are going forward.