Rd 10 South Gosford FC V Central Coast Mariners

Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by midfielder, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. midfielder

    midfielder Well-Known Member

    Got a feeling in my bones about this one .... we could win...
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  2. FFC Mariner

    FFC Mariner Well-Known Member

    Anything under 5 is a result for us. They will walk this comp
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  3. MagpieMariner

    MagpieMariner Well-Known Member

    My feeling about this is...if our middies don't come to play, this could be very ugly, and that's just by the half.
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  4. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    This was the game last season where the rails fell off our season. We need to put on a respectable display.

    Jair and Djuric have to start. A suitable option has to be found for left back.
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  5. Capn Gus Bloodbeard

    Capn Gus Bloodbeard Well-Known Member

    If Staj has managed to reset the team, get us firing and motivated, and get us playing a mobile, pressured, adaptable game again, then it could be a cracker of the match.

    And even if we play our best and get beat by 1 or 2, the challenge will be shrugging it off and backing it up.

    We often fire up against Sydney. We could stick it to them.

    Be nice to smash them 7-1 again :D
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  6. Insertnamehere

    Insertnamehere Well-Known Member

    If anyone just saw the Toure/Blackwood goal, that's exactly what id like to see us do with SS and DDS to muz.
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  7. MagpieMariner

    MagpieMariner Well-Known Member

    I saw it, a great goal, but that bloke the scum stole from us just stood watching as Blackwood ran in. I'm kinda glad we don't have him any more.
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  8. Capn Gus Bloodbeard

    Capn Gus Bloodbeard Well-Known Member

    To take a less pessimistic approach, we might be last but with 2 byes, that's 6 points we couldn't get. . We're also 1 point behind the team which has played 2 more (MV going so bad makes me very happy)
    We're 3 points behind 5th place - and we have a game in hand on 5th and 6th.
    So 6 teams are less than 3 points ahead of us, despite all of those teams having played at least 1 more game than us.

    As long as we play better than we did the last few weeks, that should be enough. Teams like SFC, MCY...we don't need to beat them. The BR game, that was a disaster and we NEEDED to win that - but then again, so did they. Having said that, losing can be handled as long as we don't play terribly.
    Against BR, 2 teams needed to win - one was up for it on the day. Next time, it should be us.
    Sydney - on paper we shouldn't win. The team with the equal worst attack versus the team with the best defence, and conversely the team with the clear best attack versus the team with the equal worst defence.
    Would be interesting to have an insight on how to prepare a team for a match like this, mentally, when as a coach you have surely got to be expecting to go down by 3 - and how do you ensure the team will remain resilient enough to bounce back.
    Parking the bus won't work (and even against WU, it didn't really work - they lost it more than we won it) - we need to control the midfield.
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  9. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

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  10. Waspish

    Waspish Active Member

    CCM - The team with the equal worst attack and the team with the equal worst defence.

    What a turn around from last season! We weren't equal anything then.
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  11. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    I think we will set up pretty defensive. Try and dig in and hope to pinch one in the second half
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  12. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    Im hoping we can distinguish between playing defensively or conservatively and parking it in our own box for this one. We havent got that right so far and that invites a lot of pressure. I'm thinking maybe a 4-2-3-1 might work for us but if everyone is fit we'll have some decent players on the bench. Big questions will be:
    Ziggy in CB or RB which will determine if Miller or Fox/Tongyik gets time.
    GG at CB, DM or bench
    How we fit Duric, Kim, DDS, Oar, Silvera, GG, Stensness and who misses out.
    Is Jair ready to start?

    Probably controversial but I'd be tempted not to start Silvera in this one just due to his defending being a weak point. That would let DDS or Duric play a bit wider but both in the same line and allow Kim + GG or Stensness. But at the same time we'd miss his speed. Maybe we can play him up front if Jair isn't ready to start. Sub selection will be a dilemma too.
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  13. Tevor

    Tevor Well-Known Member

    SFC were like a hot knife going through butter against the Roar, The Roar did try and attack them though which left them very open and vulnerable to getting in behind. We need to minimise this to stop a rout IMO, sitting back and letting SFC attack on all fronts will not be successful either as we will make mistakes. I hope it is like after our first bye when we were super fresh and looked determined, anything less will be a disaster. Snake barely touched the ball so if Jair is playing we need to work out how to get the ball to him, hasn't been our strong suit to date and goals will be hard to come by for us I feel. If we go down it needs to be respectable.
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  14. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    The big thing will be being smart in possession and holding on to it when we can. There will be times when we want to send Oar but have to put it in to space or along the ground rather than expecting him to win an aerial contest with Mcgowan or Wilkinson.
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  15. Insertnamehere

    Insertnamehere Well-Known Member

    Learn from Ange. Nothing in the air, it doesn't suit our mosquito brigade
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  16. Forum Phoenix

    Forum Phoenix Well-Known Member

    For mine our best defensive games have been with Fox in. If Hatch has been judged unready I’d prefer to push Rowles to LB. it’s been a horror show for us.

    I’m wondering if this will be the first time we see Kim, Duric and GG start together. If so GG needs to start playing smarter and focus his energy on closing down and leaving no holes in midfield. Let it be Duric and Kim who express themselves.

    If we lose the midfield battle again and turn the ball over so easily in possession then our attack will never get started no matter who’s on the park.

    In attack DDS needs to start playing intelligently not just skilfully and our full backs have to overlap or we’ll fail to unbalance any side and will to continue to largely just see Oar make isolated runs and occasionally Silvera trying to create something from nothing when he still has five or six players in front of him.

    If we don’t start playing more of the game in our opponents half, Sydney will give us an absolute hiding I think. And though most everyone’s expecting it, the humiliation will mean the knives will start to come out I suspect.

    Good performance is very important for us here. Really hoping Duric is back to full fitness. We have an actual A league level striker on the park. And Staj has something up his sleeve.
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  17. midfielder

    midfielder Well-Known Member

    Agree with Rowles to left back and Fox in... or maybe drop GG back to a CD and move Rowles to left back ...
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  18. FFC Mariner

    FFC Mariner Well-Known Member

    Anyone but Clisby
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  19. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    Depends where Staj stands with Miller. If they want to play Ziggy right and move Rowles left then GG might have to come back in to CB with Fox or Tongyik, preferably Fox if he's back in the good books. Wouldn't be a bad idea for a game where we can sacrifice Clisby's efforts going forward to play conservatively as that's not something Rowles offers. In other games the trade off could hurt us more. Another bonus would be more pace in the middle to deal with ALF and Kosta's runs.
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  20. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    I would like to see Rowles stay at centre back. He has been our most consistent defender and putting him out wide will erode the defensive strength even more.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing what Stensness could do at left back. He obviously has a motor and would be able to get up and down the line.

    Miller Ziggy Rowles Stensness
    GG Kim
    DDS/Silvera Djuric Oar
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