Rd 10 South Gosford FC V Central Coast Mariners

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I’ve liked jair thus far. He’s an improvement, definitely shouldn’t have diving headed that chance though haha
Agee. Clearly better than what we have.

Better runs. That near post run has been sorely missing. Curled and dipped or I think he would have had it. Very close. Reacted faster than bother centre backs which I haven’t seen from our strikers for a good while.

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Rowles on la fondra is playing well .
Gg needs work on his disciple.
We look better attacking down the right .
Jair some nice touchs from a guy that hasn't played for a year .

Come on you err err darker blue
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Silvera seems a bit off. Needs a confidence boosting event.

Also, I reallt f**king hope Buhagier doesn't come on and shred us up.