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Mariner stuff not worthy of a whole thread

Pirate Pete

Well-Known Member
Many, many years ago I worked with a bloke who supported Hartlepool.
Him & his mates drunkenly picked them out of the Rothmans football yearbook.

Occasionally I'd go to a game with him. There was always someone dressed as a monkey.
Great bunch of lads for a day out, but thank goodness I didn't live up there!


Well-Known Member

I like the work they've been doing with the Nix, this could be a really good move for the club. I love the blue to aqua away kit they did for them last season.


Well-Known Member
Good to be back mate. Honestly just let life get in the way of spending the 5 minutes to come visit here


Well-Known Member


Well-Known Member
I wonder if we should all be a little more circumspect with our appraisal of players given this news:

If hate to see the owners of this site affected.
Just means sites that aren't moderated very well could be in trouble. Our mods are part of the discussion so unlikely defamatory content slips through very often.

FB, Twitter, all that big cesspits could be in trouble, especially with the shit state of our defamation laws.

Pirate Pete

Well-Known Member
What's the gossip about Dan Hall playing for Fiji then?
And some other mob.

Melbourne born Dan Hall will join VMSA Melbourne Fijians to play against Fijian National Team in February 2022.
Central Coast Mariners defender will play for Fiji
in upcoming World Cup qualifications in Qatar.
Kevin Squizzy Taylor coached side will take on
Fijian National Team in Melbourne February 2022.
Melbourne Fijians will also include former Fijian
Internationals Savenaca Baledrokadroka, Tito Vodowaqa, Peni Tuigulagula , former under Fijian under 23 Jordon Cakau and former under 19 keeper Asaeli Batikasa.


Australian based player with links to Fiji, Dan Hall is keen to be part of the national squad ahead of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers in March next year.

Speaking to FBC Sports, Hall says he has been in touch with the Fiji Football Head Coach, Flemming Serritrslev.

The 22-year-old Central Coast Mariners defender has had little experience with Fiji Football being part of the U19 squad trials while on a visit in the country back in 2018.

He says to be part of the national team where his mum is from is a blessing.


Well-Known Member
Melbourne born Dan Hall will join VMSA Melbourne Fijians to play against Fijian National Team in February 2022.
I don’t see the club allowing him to play for whatever that VMSA team is. Official internationals in windows they’ll have no say in but some friendly while our season is still running sounds very unlikely.

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