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Mariner stuff not worthy of a whole thread


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What a rollercoaster following this team is.

On the short term scale of a week...
-> Finish the season 3rd and looking like contenders in the finals race

-> Bowing out first round (but proud nonetheless, can still salute the team)

-> Coach who is a big chance at coach of the season and credited with this amazing turnaround: quits, taking his assistant with him

-> Players start to confirm they're leaving, with only a few even signed on for next season. Looks like a mass unraveling is set to beginning

-> Ken confirms the culture is solid and the players are majority keen to stay and improve further

-> key player signings start being announced keeping the spine and core of the team intact (so far)

-> somehow we're spoiled for choice with coach options matched to our unique requirements. Better, these are the very coaches that laid the foundations for the successful A-League youth prospects in the first place and the systems that will keep producing them

Then, on the long term scale of years...
this rollercoaster of a club can go from the highest of highs (premiers, developing the next Socceroos, multiple grand finals) to the lowest of lows (4 spoons in 5 years, 8-2 scorelines) - moving on...

Throw in some left of field stuff like taking on Usain Bolt, putting on the regions carols and fireworks for a council that steals their plans for the stadium and presents them as their own, having a cannon and using it, plus about a thousand things more.

You have to admit it - CCM is never a boring side to follow
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That's a good read and the second time he has mentioned Ruon as part of the team (this one he mentioned him as part of the core group of senior players) so hopefully now that's a pretty clear indication of Ruon hanging around. Maybe waiting to announce until after this issue which lead to him dropping out of the Olympic team has been resolved?

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