Mariner stuff not worthy of a whole thread


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I was watching the CCM v Drivebys GF again and I was wondering you think the boys are getting royalties for the GF dvd and the Code....?


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It'd go to the club, surely, as their employer who has them under contract, and allowed their employees to "act" in The Code. GF royalties, bet they are contracted to FFA.


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Ha… a pretty innocuous comment by Syd. It didn't rile me up as much as some of his other offerings. But since you have given me the opportunity style, I'd just like to highlight the rare double apostrophe in "I'd've" :piano:


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I'm a fan of I'd've and intend to weave it into my vocabulary.

I've decided I'm also a fan of garbled analogies and will be cramming them in wherever I can.


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Was going to say it's a copy/paste issue but from where... they don't have any Melbourne Victory Grafix T-shirts.