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Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by RECKY, Mar 23, 2015.

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    This is hilarious.
    Makes me want to start selling Shard so I can buy the Mariners with a combo of 50% cash, 40% crypto (what could be less dodgy than cash lol) 10% State Govt Funding.
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    I was amused at first but, really, let's do it
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    Hey mate sorry for the late reply but you might want to check out Kate Cohen's work history as a way of getting a foot in the door. I believe she was blogging in her own time on her own website and might have done a bit of work for the leopold method as well. She ended up getting a paid gig with The Guardian, then got employed by Sydney FC to coach and now works for FFA doing match analysis. Study in a related field like media or sports science would definitely help your cause.
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    Thanks mate, helps a lot.
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    Been studying crypto (they are attracting a lot of serious investment dollars in US)
    This lot have collapse written all over them.
    In short
    You buy their crypto (exchange money for their tokens)
    They take your cash and buy football clubs that they own (not you)
    You can only use your tokens on merch or tickets that they broker.
    In short punters give them cash to use on buying clubs in return for close to nothing.
    Even using bitcoin as their crypto provides a market to trade.
    This may not end well
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  10. Capn Gus Bloodbeard

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    Is there any picture that doesn't see us getting nothing but wooden spoons for the next few years until the club is terminated?
    If this comes in, there's no point us even turning up.

    Also, wtf?
    Sources involved in the discussion told the Herald the Mariners had requested they be able to sell visa-player spots to other clubs should the proposed changes be adopted.

    For one, that's just a stupid idea and undermines and unbalances the comp even more. Two, smh, just more failure mentality there isn't it?
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    Realistically only a handful of clubs will spend a bunch more once free of the cap. It would make non mutual terminations for dud visa players easier too as long as you have the cash to pay them out and recruit again.

    Let’s remember that Victory couldn’t afford Honda without the FFA chipping in and they are one of the most affluent and well supported teams in the league. The current rules don’t stop anyone from recruiting Messi or Ronaldo if they wanted to but we see the likes of Kruse, Troisi, Kosta amongst others as marquee players in recent times.

    The thing I’m wary of with relaxing the cap is paying more for average journeyman players which increases spend without improving the game.
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  13. Coastalraider

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    Peak mariners.

    Already looking for ways to comply without actually spending money....
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  14. Capn Gus Bloodbeard

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    tbf, we wouldn't have to do anything and we'd be complying.
    Instead we're looking to see if we can actually make some money from being the worst team
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  16. pjennings

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    At this stage it is speculation - I suspect leaked from the PFA. The last thing the club owners want is to pay more for their journeymen Australian players which this plan is designed to do.
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    I see the A-League competition as being totally as being ruined already as the the so called salary cap no longer operates and the competition has lost its salary cap competitiveness which has led to the rich teams being the only ones with a realistic chance of winning the Premiership. Marquee players introduced as a way the FFA saw of putting bums on seats but it has evolved into a way for the rich to get around the cap.
    It is clear that this has led to a loss of interest overall reflected in attendances and ratings. Even fans of SFC while happy with winning, expect to win every week nd must have lost that element of excitement and anticipation.
    A further move in this direction will be fatal for the League as a whole.

    It is not chance that other football codes in this country have caps or other methods to keep their competitions balanced.
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    My point being that the successful teams would see this as an opportunity. A hard one to implement, but they would back themselves to increase revenue, attract bigger players, and increase their strength.

    we are looking to sell our spots so MC not only doesn’t have to find funds to pay for marquees, he wouldn’t have to pay for his own cap.
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  19. turbo

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    The other codes don’t really operate in a global marketplace so they don’t need to consider a way to bring in global talent of a higher standard. I agree with what you’re saying overall but it’s hard to hold football to that same logic.

    IMO one of the most damaging things about the current cap situation is how much it punishes rebuilding or getting an acquisition wrong. You have to push for a mutual departure if you want to replace a player. And if you have some turn over of players you lose a bunch of concessions that your competition might still have. Even forgetting their poor visa player choices Victory were already going to be pushing up hill to catch Sydney with those concessions.
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    I'd scrap the cap entirely - its supposed to make it a level playing field. However with all the carve outs (up and down) we have anything but an even comp.
    Scrap the farce and let clubs run themselves - that goes for no transfer fees between AL clubs too.
    This isnt NRL or Tardball. Football needs money to move around the system. The FFA and their other code bias think we are like other codes - we arent
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