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Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by RECKY, Mar 23, 2015.

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    He was before his time Disco. He would have made a fortune looking after Usian last year.

    Didn't Caceras Snr get jail time for dealing recently?
  3. sydmariner

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    Yes last year for 11 months i think
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    Well here we are. Half way through the season and only not last because another team has seriously s**t the bed. At least it's the jets I'm talking about.

    Yes we have played better, yes we should have won a few that we didn't and we'd be way further up the ladder. But also yes we won a few we were lucky to much of a muchness really.

    Needed to win last night and weren't far from it but can't put a decent strike on goal to save our lives. 3 OGs in 3 games (essentially - Miller's deflection was close to it) compounds the 1 clean sheet in nearly 2 seasons we've achieved.

    I'm pleased to see some upward trajectory but this is barely growth. What was the crowd in the end? I feel the supporter base is definitely thinning and at current rates disengagement is definitely growing - I've had so many conversations with people who I know used to follow who respond with 'why bother?'.

    This season was billed by most of the rusted ons as the critical year for our future. I'm not feeling great about the way it's looking. There are some glimpses of hope with some quality young players coming through. But key senior players are not locked down (Duric, Birraz, Kim) and the rest are underperforming.

    What brings the crowd next week? We need an injection quickly and with Jan over it's probably not coming. It's ok though 2025 will be a rebuilding year and we'll be competitive in a salary-capped league once again by 2030 with somewhere between 30 - 50 supporters, mostly family of the players (exaggerated rant over).
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    4,500 but it looked far closer to 3k.
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    I wanted us to at least be competing for the six this season. But realistically now the key is to lock in who we need for next season and strive to be as high as we can up the table and follow that up with strong recruitment.
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    I just finished a trial wyscout subscription and on paper our squad is so far off the pace its not funny. We are actually over performing at the moment which we haven't done in the last few seasons. In two out of the last four seasons we actually ended up with about half the points that we should have gotten based on our squad quality.

    If you have a good a good few hours to kill the 10 day trial is worth mucking around with especially if you are a stats person. I tortured myself watching all of Sydney's and Perth's assists and goals for the season thus far. Oh to have a castro/fornaroli or ninkovic/le fondre combination in our squad.
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    He scored more on the dance floor than the pitch
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    Not sure where to post this but I'm sure someone can help me here.

    I'm still studying, (I'm in my final 2 years of HS), and have a real interest in having a career in non-playing football. As much as I'd love to manage at a somewhat respectable level (NSL, Y-League), I think I'd really want to get involved with the Mariners to help with scouting or coaching (even coaching for the youth team). I wanted to know what I would need to do for study, what courses I would need to take and what options I have available to me. I grew up in Woy Woy and Gosford before moving south, and have always had a fond admiration for the Mariners.

    If someone could point me in the right direction, I would be forever grateful.
  10. midfielder

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    Good luck and I hope you are successful...

    Essential to any role will be an in-depth understanding of Australian Football systems.

    The basic system is a park team joins an association and that association develops playing schedules, across fields for various age groups...

    I would go to the CC Association and see if you can help them as a starting point, you will learn a lot about systems and given there is some linkage between the Mariners and CCA you could also see how it can work and fail as both have happened.

    So my starting point would be to start doing some work for CCA...
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    If you're interested in scouting I'd suggest you'd want to be fluent in a few languages depending on what parts of the world you want to be looking towards and most likely spending some time in.
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    Both very helpful answers, thanks.
  13. RECKY

    RECKY I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit

    [​IMG] Anyone seen the paper version of the Advocate today ? Front page spread of the 20th birthday of the stadium and whose in the pic on the cover ?...a Cronulla Shark and a Northern Eagle (who don’t exist anymore) ..and the tag line from Northern Eagles (3 seasons , so 20 matches maybe) to Lionel Ritchie (one gig EVER) not a mention of the regular tenants...useless bastards
    .how fkn ridiculous is that ?
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  14. RECKY

    RECKY I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit

    We got three mentions in the list...I’m sure we’ve had greater moments than that
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    Who the f**k is Nile Rodgers?
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  16. ashman89

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    I suggest maybe ACPE in Sydney and do a batch of sports business like I attempted a few ago. Definitely worth a look mate. Open day is soon too I think
  17. RECKY

    RECKY I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit

    A great guitarist ...but still
  18. FFC Mariner

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    What did you get out of the ACPE courses?
  20. marinermick

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    And one the greatest/influential songwriters of the past forty years.

    Went to that concert and he and Chic shat all over Lionel Richie.
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