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Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by pjennings, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. scottmac

    scottmac Well-Known Member

    I thought he was fairly cool about it. I on the other hand may not have been as cool as you'd know FP.
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  2. Timmah

    Timmah Well-Known Member

    I wasn't directly speaking to you in my post, to be clear - several people had gone off the deep end in reaction to Recky's brief summary of the article, yours was probably at the milder end I'd say.

    As for being uncharitable, I actually posted the full text of the article in the thread so discussion could continue with all the facts readily available... I'd argue that's quite charitable to those wishing to know what was written in the article.

    That's not at all what was meant by characterised, apologies you took it that way. The definition by which i meant it:
    - which is to say you've described your interpretation of the story, to which others have then reacted. At no point am I suggesting you made anything up, no beef there.
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  3. Timmah

    Timmah Well-Known Member

    I think he's reacted to the use of "for those too lazy" which is quite passive aggressive but I stand by it. Relying on a third party interpretation of something as significant as this isn't helpful to a reasoned discussion.
  4. Forum Phoenix

    Forum Phoenix Well-Known Member

    Yes Timmah! Stand by it! Relying on a third party interpretation could be the death of reasoned discussion as we know it!

    My actual post: ...surely not true? Will protest if so.

    Tar and feathers perhaps?

    Off the back of that post I read I'm being called lazy (ok its mostly others you say) but you know it's passive aggressive and lets be honest here, you're throwing in a deliberate dose of condescension. And yes, very uncharitable. Putting the lazy tar and feathered phoenix aside, wrong end of the stick or not, I sincerely doubted Recky or his missus was trying to mischaracterise it. That's an uncharitable reading of things. Though trying to counter by using the fact you donated/posted a link as evidence of it being a charitable post made me laugh aloud.

    It struck me as over zealous white knighting. It's a thorn others have had with you on here before as well. I typically don't try and take you to task over it, just try to live and let live and enjoy the conversations unless I think someones putting shit on me or putting words in my mouth.
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  5. Forum Phoenix

    Forum Phoenix Well-Known Member

    Anyway, we can keep at it in a private conversation if you like, but best not to bore anyone else further.
  6. Wombat

    Wombat Well-Known Member

    Dibo will be sad to have missed out on this one.
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  7. Timmah

    Timmah Well-Known Member

    Sorry you interpreted it that way. I feel as though you've read far too much into a throwaway line about laziness - the resulting reaction is a bit OTT if you ask me. I've seen far too many instances of lynch mobs picking up their pitchforks before being armed with knowledge on various platforms (I'm guilty of it myself on occasion) to let it slide. I called it out, that's that.

    Bottom line? CCM will be playing at CCS for a long time to come, no amount of council spin will affect that.
  8. Forum Phoenix

    Forum Phoenix Well-Known Member

    Yeah all good Timmah.

    Peace out. FP
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  9. Timmah

    Timmah Well-Known Member

    Speaking of Council, do we have any news on the finalisation of the big screen? I remember hearing it would be in place by NYE but I ain't holding my breath.
  10. VicMariner

    VicMariner Well-Known Member

    Where is Dibo? Haven't seen him post for a while.
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  11. Timmah

    Timmah Well-Known Member

    Looks like he last posted on October 16.
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  12. Wombat

    Wombat Well-Known Member

    Had a baby i think. I cant say i've missed his barbs and bitching but its quiet (and civil) without him........maybe too quiet and civil!
  13. priorpeter

    priorpeter Well-Known Member

    Started going in today. Not sure if they plan to have it ready for carols (tomorrow I think?) but should be ready for NYE.
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  14. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    How convenient, yeah carols are tonight
    Here’s hoping it’s a nice one and not a budget one otherwise the NRL will be pissed again
  15. style_cafe

    style_cafe Well-Known Member

    Lets just hope you can see the time-clock from more than 50m :popcorn:
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  16. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    Will this be ready for the W-League in October? It was going to be ready for last October.

    March 19 2018 - 11:51AM
    Amenities at Central Coast Stadium to get $700,000 upgrade from Stronger Country Communities Fund

    AMENITIES UPGRADE: "The new toilets will be over there." Central Coast Mariners coach Paul Okon on the sideline at Central Coast Stadium, Gosford, during an A-League match this season.

    CENTRAL Coast Council has received $700,000 in state government funding to upgrade the amenities at Central Coast Stadium.

    “The project will involve upgrading the existing amenities block to a first-class standard,” Parliamnetary Secretary for the Central Coast, Scot MacDonald, said.

    “Works include a full overhaul of the existing amenities including ceiling rectification, installation of new light fittings, hand dryers, tapware and plumbing.”

    The funding was provided through the state government’s $200-million Stronger Country Communities Fund.

    Terrigal MP Adam Crouch welcomed the funding.

    “Central Coast Stadium regularly hosts a range of sporting matches and music events, so I’m really pleased that funding from the state Liberal government is going towards improving this facility,” Mr Crouch said.

    “This is one of several projects receiving funding through Round 1 of the Stronger Country Communities Fund, and there is now an additional $200 million available for community projects through Round 2 .”

    Mayor Jane Smith applauded the announcement.

    “We’re tremendously proud of Central Coast Stadium and the quality events and programs it continues to deliver each year to our community,” Cr Smith said.

    “This funding will be used toward improving amenities and infrastructure that will augment the visitor experience and cement the stadium’s reputation as the Coast’s premier sporting venue”, she said.

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  17. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    Reads like new toilets not change room to me.

    Just a spot to hang out in after all the beer required to be there in the first place

    Maybe it’s Gatty big surprise. New toilets
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  18. Insertnamehere

    Insertnamehere Well-Known Member

    Been alot of sh*t served up this year so only reasonable
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  19. MrCelery

    MrCelery Well-Known Member

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  20. shipwreck

    shipwreck Well-Known Member

    Please tell me this wasn't Gattys new hope!!!

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