Brisbane Roar FC v Central Coast Mariners


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I wonder if anyone knows how vocal Birra is as a manager of the defence? Someone needs to take more responsibility for organising back there. Birra being the best choice because the game is in front of him.


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I was writing up a possible 3-4-3 as you responded but I agree with what you’re saying. I didn’t get to watch the game but you’re never taking 3 points without scoring. Even scoring the 1 makes it a tough ask to hold on to the points.

We’ve scored 1 goal in 5 of our matches. 1 more against WSW gives us a draw. 1 more against Newcastle gives us a win. But we already knew about that issue.

Bang on the money. It'd be amazing what a prolific forward or striker could do for the fortunes and the general sentiment around this club. Arnie's record-breaking SFC team often didn't play that well in the 2016/17 season, but they had rock solid defence and (unlike us) had the strikepower up front to deliver those extra goals that turn losses into draws and draws into wins, and both into a better ladder position. Like I've said before, I'd be surprised if CCM lose by more than 2 goals this season with the full 11 on the pitch.

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Just watching the replay on fox now.

There first goal came from Millars shot that almost went in.

Wasn’t a cracking shot but did force young down to his right

He outlets straight away down there right and they go all the way down the side then score on the cross.

We out of position because we attacked but we also let them all the way un touched.

Then the second was just tired defending by gg

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It is still a rebuild and we are going to see good games mixed with rubbish. It is fairly obvious that Staj has been concentrating on defence to the expense of the free flowing attacking game we started the season with. Our attackers not been gelling. I suspect a big part is having Milan off.

Everyone else has been having a go at what formation we should be playing and who should be where so I will throw in my 2 bob's worth.
I think we should be playing 433.

The backs:
Two centre halves.

Rowles must be a starter as one of the centre halves.
Fox should be the other, however he appears to have done something naughty or has an injury to have been dropped totally. If he is unavailable it must be Tongyik as the other. Although I said a week ago Ziggy must go there, he has not dominated and has been playing out of position. We really need a dominant player to partner Rowles. Someone is going to have to develop quickly and grab that position or we are waiting for next year.
Left fullback.
Clisby is no longer good enough. He covers a lot of ground but gets caught too far upfield or too narrow. Whether this is coaching or him getting older I do not know. When he is in position opposition wingers get round him too often. He has not improved this year.
A very difficult position to fill I suspect it might be time to give a youngster a go.
Right fullback
Miller must keep his spot. He is still raw but is one of the finds of the season. I would not drop him for Ziggy, if Ziggy gets moved from centre half, Ziggy goes to the bench. Miller is the future that we are building towards.

The Midfield:
This is where there are many options. A lot depends on who we are playing and whether we are going for attack or parking the bus.
1) Two #6s and a #8
2) One #6 and two #8s (or #6, #8 and #10, which becomes 442)
Until our defence is more secure I learn towards (1) with Stensness and Kim as 6's and Milan as the 8. Nisbett on for Kim and Gallifuoco on for Milan at 60 or 70 mins.
If we want to be more attacking, Stensness is the #6 and Gallifuco partners Milan more forward. Nisbett on for either Gallifuoco or Milan and Kim used if Stensness needs replacing.
Stensness is solid and needs to be there, the other two must be ball players, either facilitating quick transitions or setting up the forwards.
I want to see Nisbett get more time he is good on the ball, chooses good options quickly and can be the transition we are missing from back to front. Like Miller he can be a big part of our future.
If we went for a #6, #8 and #10 (ie the 442) Would play Stensness, Milan and DDS respectively. Unfortunately I do not think we currently have enough quality in the fullbacks or dominant enough centre halves to play 442.

The Attack:
Left wing.


Right wing.

Muzz. Until Jair proves fitness and form. please.

Out of left field options for attack. Oar as striker and Silverra on the wing. Even more left field, Silverra as a striker.

There is a team in there somewhere that can qualify for the top 6 if it comes together and clicks. It just needs more understandings between players (takes time, possibly a full season), and confidence (needs results) and a quality finisher.

Open for comments.

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I think it was discussed on here that Fox reacted badly to being benched hence his exclusion. I cant believe Hatch is worse than Clisby and he should get a run.
Miller is a young player starting out so he will learn on the job by making mistakes and being inconsistent.

As the season and fitness develops, I'd like to see

Miller Fox Rowles Hatch
Kim GG
Oar Milan DDS
Jair (has to be better than what we have you'd hope)

Silvera, Ziggy, Miller, Nis, Munford, Kuol, Cisse

Simon, Judas, Pearce and Majok can go.

Pearce is the Clisby of keepers. Worse than Kennedy by miles and while Munford is nowhere near a starting spot he is miles ahead of Pearce.


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The bye couldn't come soon enough. DDS looks tired and busted. Gotta feel for the wide guys, they have nothing presenting for them to put the ball into. Doesn't get any easier after the bye


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Nux haven't played like a spoon team this year either.
It’s crazy how much things have changed in one off season. Even as we are this years team and efforts would be around 6 or 7 last season. This year so far the in the bottom two thirds of the table anything can happen.
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Disgraceful. Start playing Hatch. Clisby is a liability defensively AND can't attack. Hatch will help with the width and skill in attack we desperately need.
I thought Hatch was outstanding against Weston however, he wasn`t really tested defensively in that game and having not seen him since I wouldn`t know how big a motor he has for an A League start.
Any updates on his progress before we throw him in the deep end?


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I thought Hatch was outstanding against Weston however, he wasn`t really tested defensively in that game and having not seen him since I wouldn`t know how big a motor he has for an A League start.
Any updates on his progress before we throw him in the deep end?
He looked ok in Tassie but raw defensively. Ziggy was the boss of the defence that day.

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I get the angst about Clisby - but cannot agree about Ziggy - especially at CB.He mad a mistake against O'Donovan, He got to the ball first and tried to clear it. He just didn't realise that Roy was coming round to block the clearance.

Next game - we are coming off the bye and everyone should be fit - even Jair at least for 60 minutes.
Yeah I think that's fair. I'm not down on Ziggy. I like him. He's just a bit slow and we need to make sure Duric or Kim is playing deep to play out.

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He looked ok in Tassie but raw defensively. Ziggy was the boss of the defence that day.
I haven't seen him since - only the Weston and Tassie games. But Clisby is consistently beaten by his man, is slow to close down, slow to make decisions, misses easy passes and tracks back with the speed of Hoole. I can't see how Hatch could do much worse. And at the least, I'd bet good money he will pose far more of a problem to other teams in attack.