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No english football on foxtel


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Good one Baggies. Blues obviously trying to set a record for the number of one-pointers in a season. Reading from Twitter, Blues got out of jail against Ipswich.


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Leeds went top during the week after beating Hull QPR won as well and West Brom drew.

Last night Leeds drew with Brentford 1.1.
QPR 1.1 with Derby.
West Brom 4.1 Reading.
Blues 3.1 Rotherhem

Sheffield Utd (Monty's old club) went top. West Brom are 2nd. Leeds 3rd. Blues 17th. Rangers 18th.


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Leeds and West Brom lost. City and QPR won.

Boro were top but after the midweek games. Leeds are now back on top.

West Brom lost. QPR, Leeds and Blues all won.


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Mmm, not good for the Baggies, and they were right up top a little while ago. Blues now on a 10-game unbeaten streak, 3 wins on the trot.


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Qpr 1.0 Villa Won with only 32% possession.
West Brom 1.1 Blackburn
Brum 3.1 Sheff Wed. Won with only 32% possession but had 16 shots. So must be quick breaking or very direct long ball.
Leeds 1.1 Notts Forest. We had 71% possession, 18 shots to 3. Shame we sold Kiwi Chris Wood he would be filling his boots this season.

1.Sheff Utd
2. Leeds
5. West Brom
9. Blues
10. QPR


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West Brom is 10km from B'ham. Pretty close but not technically Brum.
Yeah, I guess 10K is a long way in UK :p But they still call games between a derby, according to BCFC twitter. My ancestors were born in West Brom, but were christened in Brum. Maybe I should say I follow the West Midlands Conurbation?
West Midlands

Map of the West Midlands conurbation in 2011, with Travel to Work Areas overlaid. The Birmingham andWolverhampton sub-divisions are highlighted in orange, the Dudley, Walsall and Solihull sub-divisions are highlighted in green.
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Constituent country England
Largest settlements
(Pop. 100,000+)[hide]
Population (2011 census)
• Total
• Rank 3rd
Time zone UTC+0 (GMT)
• Summer (DST) UTC+1 (BST)
Postcode B, DY, WS, WV
Area code(s) 0121, 01543, 01562, 01384, 01902, 01922
The West Midlands conurbation is the large conurbation that includes the cities of Birmingham and Wolverhampton and the large towns of Sutton Coldfield, Dudley, Walsall, West Bromwich, Solihull, Stourbridgeand Halesowen in the English West Midlands.



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Haha. I went to school in Solihull but always thought we were not quite Brummies. I always thought we were posh but i met someone recently who told me how rough solihull was. Must have been an Aussie!
I went to a Catholic public school (complete oppo of the good Catholic schools here) and on the edge of the same parkland was a public Proddie school. We came to school one morning and all the walls were covered in anti Catholic, anti IRA painted death threats in 3ft high letters.
It didnt go down well. The first lunch break about 100 off us zulu over there to lob bricks at them and everyone on their playground.
Their school went into lock down.
That arvo after school our older kids walked down the 300yrds to where they caught the school buses and flogged them. Maybe 5 or 6 Police cars were called, which is exciting when you are 11 or 12yo.
This went on for 2 weeks with police and teachers segregating the two schools. It only stopped due to the Summer holidays.

Pretty funny.
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Sounds a bit like Glasgow, lol.
I was lucky, a different atmosphere here in Oz. My high school actually was a breeding ground for Royalty -- the Crown Princess of Denmark, no less! Well, not when I was there, Mary was there a long time after I left. I bussed it 20 miles from home along with kids going to St Virgils, Hutchens (protestant silvertails) and Friends (Quakers) as well as a shipload of fellow Taroona High students, and we had great times together. The only person who needed to be afraid of us was the bus driver! :thumbup:
However I was a good boy, but only because the driver knew me and both my father and my grandfather were Masons with him. If I played up, he made sure he tattled on me at the next Lodge meeting. :eek:


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We moved back down South and i was taken out of the public system and put into a posh all boys school, which i hated but am grateful for now, the few years of quality education.
Even at this posh school the local povo school came to ruck with us. It was like a scene from The Wanderers, with about 100 hoodlums, lining our fences. But most of these kids were 16-18 and finished with school. This time our school went into lockdown.
Funny old place England, they love their tribalism.

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