No english football on foxtel

Discussion in 'Overseas Football' started by true believer, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. true believer

    true believer Well-Known Member

    So i was looking for some english football .the champion ship or old second division as was broadcast last season.
    Its seems they have nothing . Sbs has one PL game saturday night.
    So no highlights channel no nothing .

    Umm how much for an a-league channel ?

    Foxtel its time
  2. VicMariner

    VicMariner Well-Known Member

    Optus bought the rights. Now you need an Optus service to watch EPL. :mad:

    SBS show one game a week as you say. If you have Foxtel you can watch delayed games featuring ManU, Chelsea and Liverpool on their respective channels.

    If you don't want an Optus package but need access to every EPL game you might consider a vpn. Don't have one myself but it looks like a better and better option.

    I'm spewin'. I'm eager to watch Mooy at Huddersfield and Ryan at B&HA.
    Maybe this would be a good thread for streams, if there are any????
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  3. sydmariner

    sydmariner Well-Known Member

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  4. Wombat

    Wombat Well-Known Member

    Arse, Scum (Manu), city, Liverpool and the yids all have there own channel
  5. Rowdy

    Rowdy Well-Known Member

    Not quite,
    it's only MUTV, LFCTV, & ChelseaTV
    - who have their own respective dedeicated channels (516/517/518 in HD) (283/284/285 in SD) .... which used to be included for free but now cost just a couple dollars extra, not sure of the exact $ figure ??

    Whereas, ArsenalTV & SpursTV do either:
    - an in depth club news show or
    - match replays
    both on FoxSports Channel 505 iirc

    but yeah, you can catch any of these EPL teams games on delayed telecast if you dont have SLOptus.

    Shame one of the local 'content providers' havent picked up the Championship though.:(
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  6. ZedSpecials

    ZedSpecials Member

    (ahem) Hi, Huddersfield Crystal Palace on the new tax return UHD tele, with new sound bar of course, rigged up to fetch was hands down the best TV football since ... crist.. since Graham Arnold was coaching yellow shirted players.

    HD football > sex
    its too close to call
  7. Insertnamehere

    Insertnamehere Well-Known Member

    In reference to the claim of HD football vs sex. One you can do alone for 90 mins + a drinks break + extra time. The other, well it's always extra time. You have an idea how long it'll last but you just never know when that whistle will blow...
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  8. VicMariner

    VicMariner Well-Known Member

    ....don't want to get caught offside....
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  9. Rowdy

    Rowdy Well-Known Member

    I've heard those '5- a-sides' can drag well in to the early hours. :grouphug:

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  10. Wombat

    Wombat Well-Known Member

    Lol. You blokes are freaks but I do agree you dont want to see Red whichever you prefer as it can ruin a good game!
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  11. VicMariner

    VicMariner Well-Known Member

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  12. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

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  13. Rowdy

    Rowdy Well-Known Member

    Looking at the season draw
    ..... that'd be 'the bye' ;)
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  14. Wombat

    Wombat Well-Known Member

    Just being polite:unsure:
  15. VicMariner

    VicMariner Well-Known Member

    Sometimes love tastes like metal...
    \m/ >.< \m/
  16. Rowdy

    Rowdy Well-Known Member

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  17. Wombat

    Wombat Well-Known Member

    Now THAT is a red card Mr Vic.
  18. Insertnamehere

    Insertnamehere Well-Known Member

    Wow that got legs....
  19. Rowdy

    Rowdy Well-Known Member

    Out of Vic's gutter & back to your original question TB
    For the Championship, League One and League Two iFollow is an app you can use to stream from outside the UK for a rather hefty price at just under $200Aud.

    However, only 61 of 72 EFL clubs from the 3 divisions have signed up to the new digital platform.
    - Some of the 11 clubs that have opted out of the service - including Aston Villa, Bristol City, Queens Park Rangers and Leeds - in favour of offering live streaming through their own digital providers.

    You basically choose your team through the Google/Apple Playstore, download that teams app, BUT the big major downside is that your 'locked-in' to that team & THAT TEAM ONLY !

    You ONLY get to watch all of your selected teams home/away games, (regardless if they're playing the likes of those on the list that opted out. ie Aston Villa, QPR, Leeds etc).
    - Also, ALL Cup games are NOT included in that, as each 'Cup' has its own respective 'telecast rights deal' separate again.

    The BIG turn-off for many would be the inabillity to watch a multiple of teams, i.e like wanting to watch all of the Aussie players in each of their respective sides :confused:

    If your interested in some more info, here's a page with some FAQ's from punter's and answers about the service.

    Far tooo expensive for mine
    ..... BUT if your a die-hard 'Tractor Boy' or the likes, then maybe it's worth it for you
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  20. true believer

    true believer Well-Known Member

    QPR channel 115 pounds a season 185 bucks

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