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Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by pjennings, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. priorpeter

    priorpeter Well-Known Member

    Posted that he’s leaving but he hasn’t publicly announced where he’s going. Was mentioned earlier in this thread where he’s off to.
    MacArthur were after him earlier, and more recently the jets were in his ear but thankfully he’s not heading there.
    Gutted to see him leave, amazing ‘keeper and a f**king quality bloke.
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  2. Coast Football Ramble

    Coast Football Ramble Well-Known Member

    Gianni was a very gifted student apparently.
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  3. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member

    So Tommy is officially gone to Macarthur at the end of the season. He has served us well despite the lack of goals, he’s been a real pro and I personally greatly appreciate him and trust he’ll still perform for us till he leaves.
    He is, along with DDS, our top earner. And whilst it’s arguably blow there is a massive opportunity for staj to get in a superb replacement whether it’s a visa or aussie.
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  4. Coastalraider

    Coastalraider Well-Known Member


    As you say, the real outcome of this can only be measured once next years recruiting is done.
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  5. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    Haha, Macarthur’s first ever signing and it gets announced by the Mariners
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  6. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    They wont be happy and perhaps comes across a bit salty doing so but ultimately if the people involved kept quiet the club wouldnt have to address anything.

    Wonder if anything will come of the Jedinak rumours. Weird they havent got him locked in and parading him around as their first signing and captain if he's still on the cards.
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  7. Michael

    Michael Well-Known Member

    I wonder if Jedi isn’t already in a retired mindset? Same as Nathan Burns?
    And what about Spiranovic?
    I’d throw Tommy’s wage and then some at Spiranovic
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  8. Sam_Kelso

    Sam_Kelso New Member

    Really surprised that Jedi isn’t playing for a club this season and then joining Macarthur as their main player. Guess he’s ready for retirement ?
  9. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    Who knows mate, might need to ask the YA boys who seem to get on well with him.

    Could be a chance to play and get some money.

    Needs game time at a senior level so can’t argue but interesting timing with us not having locked down any keepers for next year.

    Is he eligible for NPL for us this year?

    It’s hard spot to make it at. Only one keeper can play and you can’t move to another position to get game time.

    Don’t know anything of Zenden but seems to have done well as a junior so good luck to him.
  10. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

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  11. Coast Football Ramble

    Coast Football Ramble Well-Known Member

    It's been a long time coming too.
    A lot of players turning down their offers.
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  12. LAFC Aus

    LAFC Aus New Member

    Hey guys. I run the LAFC Australia twitter page. And just wanted to say thanks for letting Sam go over for a trial.

    Also I wouldn't be to surprised if Sam Silvera isn't back for the Brisbane Roar game. LAFC has a friendly against Penarol on Saturday 26th at 2:30pm AEDT.
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  13. Sam_Kelso

    Sam_Kelso New Member

    Do you think they would give him a chance ?
  14. LAFC Aus

    LAFC Aus New Member

    Will depend on his trial. If they do sign him their is already a lot of international players at LAFC and even in the midfield.. Time will tell. But wouldn't mind to see him have a run in the friendly
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  15. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    Missing two matches might be taking the piss. Brisbane is an important game for us in sorting out the bottom half of the table and we need all our players available. I can understand wanting to see him in person before paying a fee (shouldn’t be let go for free) but a week should be enough for a player who is currently fit and in season.
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  16. LAFC Aus

    LAFC Aus New Member

    It's not confirmed that he will miss the Roar game. If he has a great trial this week I wouldn't be surprised if he stays for the friendly.
  17. Shaun Mielekamp

    Shaun Mielekamp Well-Known Member

    Sam should be back well before the Brisbane match as there is no plans for him to be in the friendly match mentioned.

    Thanks for jumping on the forum though LAFC Aus I am sure plenty of CCM fans would love to know more about the new franchise as it is an exciting one for sure.
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  18. LAFC Aus

    LAFC Aus New Member

    G'day Shaun. Thanks for letting Sam go for a trial. Having been to multiple games in the short 2 season of LAFC including their very first game away to Seattle, when I had seen him on the practice sheet I had to pop in to see what everyone was saying and hopefully spread the Black and Gold LAFC love to the central coast.
  19. neverwozza

    neverwozza Active Member

    Geez just had a look at their website and Youtube is their shirt sponsor. I bet you wish you had the kind of cash they would be chucking at them. It would almost make your job easy :).
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  20. LAFC Aus

    LAFC Aus New Member

    Just wait till Feb 6th when the new season Jersey is released at the New York fashion show .... They also have Target (USA and Australian targets are different but same logo) as a sponsor on the arm. The stadium is amazing with the whole area thats the supporters section is in is all safe standing with 4 capo stands. The place gets jumping.
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