Mariners Squad - 2019-2020


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I don’t know, if we did have a striker, like previous years I think tonight we wouldn’t even have got close to getting to that person.
If they did get it at their feet they would be alone and outnumbered.

Do we have some something up our sleeve to pull something back!?
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I agree.
Sammy signed a 3 year deal about a month ago now though. The most proactive I think the club has ever been with such a good prospect.
I’d be making Tommy, Milan, Fox and Stens priorities right now.
DDS and Birra give me the feeling that they’re using this season as a platform. So I’d just let them keep playing well and when the time comes later in the season to sit down I’d make them the best possible offers. Obviously I want them both long term but I don’t think they’d see themselves here long term. Although for Danny it’s honestly for his best interests to be the big fish here.
Not so sure about Fox... He is making a lot of mistakes back there - it seems primarily due to a lack of vigour.


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WE have no one capable up front and Jair aside from his time at the Jerks has had a decent career...

We have a midfield that would be a dream to play in front of ...

For me if we can get Jair at a reasonable costs then its worth the risk .... that we have been trailing him for some time now I assume means he is showing something better than what we have...


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I wouldn't be surprised to see Tongyik get a crack next to Rowles soon. Or GG dropped bKc so Kim and Stensness can start.


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A Korean football website has posted that an unnamed club wants to sign Suwon striker Denman Damjanovic
searched that and seems his first name is Dejan.
If it’s us there would presumably be a connection with Kim that might help get it done. No idea on his quality but he’s 38 which is old even by A league standards. wouldn’t arrive until January too.
Wonder if it means no go on Jair or if this is the clubs way of saying he doesn’t hold all the cards and we’re happy to keep looking if they can’t agree on terms.


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How many unnamed clubs could this be referencing
Us, jets, Sydney and WU have slots free as far as I’m aware. WSW have a player gaining citizenship but that will probably allow them to keep their injury replacement player.

He isn’t an Asian player so doesn’t make a lot of sense for Sydney unless it’s for depth.
WU are playing Appiah up front so maybe them, fits their age profile too. Jets smashed by injury but not sure they’d be looking for a 9 with arroyo. Money might be better spent elsewhere if they have it. And our search for a 9 is public knowledge but Jair possibly the answer.