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Discussion in 'Central Coast football' started by marinermick, Jan 12, 2012.

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    In the media world where Sydney is the centre of the universe and if the Drive Byes or Smurfs pick their nose its news worthy ... wonders aloud if this school was in Bondi, Surry Hills maybeSeven Hills or Castle Hill ... would those Mariner loving SBS folk who report Melbourne Hellas are about to take us over and we sack our CEO because we can't afford it .. would they mention this school if it was in Sydney or totally ignore it ....
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    Westfield's, Hills, Bosley Park, Endeavour and Narrabeen sports high don't get much publicity and they have runs on the board.
    Commitment to youth development doesn't rate unless a politician is fishing for votes in the area.
    That's life
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    One of Andre's former students :cool:

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    Anyone send their kids here. Experiences? Quality of academia and the football side?

    Weighing up whether I should send my kid there.
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    My son attends in the junior school, started at the beginning of this year. It's too early to tell for both the quality of academics and football as the school has only been in operation for under two years. The only thing I can say is that the teacher's are very passionate as are the football department and my son loves going to school everyday. A more structured football program is being implemented in 2015 whereby the students will train as a squad through the week and have a "gameday experience" through the local competitions on the weekend. This will free parents up from dragging their children to training on a cold Winters night 2-3 times a week.

    One of the high school students is a part of the Mariners NYL squad and scored on the weekend against Brisbane Roar, but whether that can be attributed to 7 terms of training at IFS or not is obviously open to debate.

    There is a limit of 500 students, 100 per stage, and I believe Year 7 is full for 2015. There are plans for a full-size synthetic pitch to be in place for 2015 along with redevelopment of a further two grass pitches, as the current fields on campus are rather average at the moment. Let me know if you want any further info, I'll help as best I can from a parents point of view. If you call the school I'm sure they would be more than happy to give you and your family a tour and give more details than I can.
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    He will be in year 3 next year
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    If he loves football and wants to go, I'd say do it. If it turns out that it's not for him or not for your family, better to find that out in Year 3 than in Year 10.

    Just be prepared for most of first term for him to come home and say that he hates it and wants to go back to his old school. We found with our son and his peers that it took a little while for them to adapt to a full time training program and they were literally exhausted most days, and confused that feeling with dislike of the school. Now they are all settled and used to it, eating healthy, sleeping well and as I said above, absolutely love waking up to go to school everyday.
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    Sweet thanks heaps for your advise.
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    I have been going to futsol fridays
    I guess I haven't seen enough kids football , yet to know how good or behind the coast kids are.
    but It seems pretty good . with ccm and ccf on the same page .
    could we starting getting locals in the a-league
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    That appears to be the plan. Ken Schembri spoke quite passionately about exactly that last night at the season launch. Tony Walmsley and Peter Storrie also spoke of youth development. I think the building blocks are in place.... Coach education was spoken of as paramount importance, future looks bright.
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    What thoughts on the academics as more time has gone by?
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    Classes are open learning spaces with roughly 70 to 85 children per class with around 4 teachers, grouped per stage i.e Stage 4 would be a composite Year 7 and 8 class. If your child can work collaboratively in groups and not require constant teacher attention they have a chance to thrive. Teaching appears to be more geared towards real life scenarios rather than to pass a test. The curriculum is delivered through Project Based Learning. If you're child is quiet and/or introverted, they may find it difficult. In my opinion if your child is academically oriented and has plans of achieving a high HSC mark, its probably not the right choice. On the other hand, if your child is less academically inclined and simply achieving an HSC or seeking other vocational learning is a more likely schooling outcome, then you can't go too wrong sending them to a school where they get to do what they love each day. You must also consider workload if your child is already in a high performance football program ie Mariners Academy or similar, as perhaps training at school 5 days per week plus a further 3 nights a week training in the high performance environment is not in the player's best interest, and may cause them to fall out of love with the game. Anyway, a bit of food for thought, and again, just my opinion.
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