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Discussion in 'Central Coast football' started by marinermick, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    Has anyone heard anything about an international football school starting up at the Mariners COE?

    A proper high school I am talking about.
  2. nomad

    nomad New Member

    Yep heard they're aiming to start 2013.
  3. Nathan Byrn

    Nathan Byrn Active Member

    Can neither confirm nor deny
  4. Paul C

    Paul C New Member


    I know a lot about this project (I am one of the people working on it), there is some information on the School Website. More news to come over the coming months.

    Any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer...
  5. Capn Gus Bloodbeard

    Capn Gus Bloodbeard Well-Known Member

    Wow, very interesting....
  6. Rocket

    Rocket Member

    Information sent to all Central Coast Clubs

    In 2013 International Football School is planning to open a High School on the Central Coast. Our school will be a first for Australia in that our students will receive a high school education as well as a full time football program 5 days a week. This is very exciting news for the Central Coast and what better place to spread the news than local football clubs. We are now accepting registration of interest for potential students for classes 7 - 10 in 2013 and beyond*.

    A brief summary of what we will offer our students and parents:-

    - An innovative High School education
    - All stationary/books within the classroom provided
    - Low teacher to student ratio (individual support in the classroom)
    - 5 days a week football training
    - Full time coaching staff
    - Morning tea and lunches provided by the school
    - Training kit provided
    - Football boots provided
    - Team camps

    There are many details still to be made public over the coming months. If you would like to be kept up to date or register your child visit our website for more details.

    If you have family or friends that have a child that may benefit from this fantastic footballing opportunity please let them know about us.

    Thank you for spending a minute to read this email and will see you around the coast over the coming months.

    Kind Regards

    Paul Chapman

    A proposed independent, co-educational school for Year 7 to Year 12 Central Coast NSW Australia

    International Football School |

    ☏ 02 4302 9000 |
  7. Paul C

    Paul C New Member

  8. wc11

    wc11 New Member

    The International Football School is holding an Advanced Skills Clinic for 10 weeks at Soccer5s Tuggerah for 12-16yr olds girls and boys. Coaches are very impressive (National quality) Joey Peters (Former Matilda and current W-League Assistant Coach) and Erkin Osman (Futsalroo player and Coach) plus a couple of current Mariners players.

    Check it out here:

    Discounts available by entering the following referral code: EW59
  9. Mumbles

    Mumbles Active Member

    Good to see some proactive people on the coast again.

    In regards to the school, where will the bricks and mortar be and when?
    Is this school based on a similar setup to Hills Sports High and Westfield's?

  10. wc11

    wc11 New Member

    Agree its good to see an initiative like this on the coast.

    They're looking at a few sites around the coast at this stage and currently going through the process of registering with NSW board of Studies so aiming to start in 2013. I think this school is going to be very unique and quite different to any current sports high school.
  11. Mumbles

    Mumbles Active Member

    Are we talking about portable buildings at COE in 2013 and progressing from there?
    They don't have a lot of time to play with.
  12. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    Portable buildings in 2013 and year seven only for the first year.

    Love the logo.
  13. Forum Phoenix

    Forum Phoenix Well-Known Member

    Fantastic. I think this is massively exciting news for the coast and all our youngsters.

  14. Mumbles

    Mumbles Active Member


    There's absolutely no reason for it not being a success. The coast needs a school like this.
    We're so far behind Sydney in focusing on any talent.

    Bit late for mine. Senior High already.
  15. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    Some great ideas coming out of the school:
    - full catering
    - strong focus on education
    - minimal homework allowing students to pursue other activities or extra studies
  16. midfielder

    midfielder Well-Known Member

    Unbelievable News huge respect for those that pulled this off...
  17. midfielder

    midfielder Well-Known Member

    From NZ of all places ... seems like this is it...

    Aussie football school opens for students

    Australia's first private school for footballers is hoping to unearth the next Harry Kewell after kicking-off its inaugural year on Monday.
    The International Football School (IFS) opened its doors to 75 of the country's aspiring Socceroos and Matildas on New South Wales' Central Coast last week.
    Unlike other sports schools such as well-known Sydney institution Westfield Sports School, which the likes of Socceroos Kewell and Jason Culina attended alongside a host of current A-League stars, IFS is the first school in the country to focus solely on the world game.
    The Mount Penang campus will cater for up to 350 students from Year 5 to Year 10, each paying $4800 a year.
    Two hours every morning is dedicated to training as part of the intensive football program which is integrated into the school curriculum with full-time coaches working alongside teachers.
    Coaches at the school include former Central Coast Mariners Andre Gumprecht and Bradley Porter, and ex-Matildas Julie Dolan and Joey Peters.
    IFS founder and chief executive Paul Chapman felt there was a desperate need to introduce the school in Australia.
    "I've come across a lot of parents who are passionate about the game and haven't been able to find an atmosphere where it's taken seriously," Chapman said today.
    "If you're not interested in football you don't come to my school basically.
    "One main difference is that they do football every single day where most schools only do two sessions a week."
    Chapman said he modelled the school on similar ones he'd seen in Europe and while all skill levels are welcome, students are assessed on attitude.
    "We really try to capture the attitude of the child and their willingness to be coached - that's the key criteria.
    "Technical ability doesn't matter so much because we're pretty confident once we get them in here they'll improve pretty rapidly."
    Chapman, a Central Coast resident, said he'd always planned to base the school between Sydney and Newcastle and admitted having the A-League's table-topping Mariners in the region was a huge draw card.
    While not officially linked to the Mariners, Chapman hopes to build a strong relationship with them and fellow A-League sides and establish his school as a breeding ground for their future recruits.
    "The goal longer-term is when the kids are getting to Year 11 or 12 we want the A-League clubs to be coming to us and looking at our kids and considering them," he said.
  18. Mumbles

    Mumbles Active Member

    I wish them all the best.
    2 hours a day will test the kids commitment as well as improve their skills.
  19. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    The fact that it is part of the Academy Liga - a private competition for unregulated academies that undermines FFA/FNSW competitions and programs - makes me not a great fan of this on spec.

    I'd think it was a great idea if it was set up in a way that complemented the canonical programs rather than competes with them.
  20. bistro

    bistro New Member

    Hmmm why would you be so concerned that IFS is in liga academy? From what I've heard and seen the kids are having a great time in liga. Undermining FFA/FNSW? I think you should get your facts straight before making such accusations. Give IFS a call and ask them why they're play liga..... Questions for you........Have you ever started a football school or academy and then tried to enter into CCF or FNSW competitions to get regular game time? More red tape than a communist party!!!!! Do some research pal before shooting from the hip.

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