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Coast Football Ramble Podcast

Luca Brasi

Active Member
and this from the Canberra Times yesterday
"It's two games in Canberra now but if it's well supported there could be more.

Forum Phoenix

Well-Known Member
Really enjoyed podcast 7 this week guys. Cheers.

You said you'd hold on making keep/punt judgements on players till January... understood, but in the interim would really enjoy if you'd consider giving player ratings out of ten (like many do on here) as I'd love to hear your discussion/banter based on any differing opinions/score cards, and get you to drill down into our performances a bit more - discussion on how O'Donovan likes to receive the ball etc, was great and love more discussion along these lines if possible.


Active Member
Its going to be hard to take anything Morrow says seriously after his "Victory will finish behind Mariners" call........... If it happens he truly is football genius!

Big Al

Well-Known Member
Interesting comments by Shaun about what FFA want us to be to them.

Very much says they don't want us, saying they want a 1m to 1.2m population.

Newcastle also fail this miserably.

Even adding Canberra we only in the 700,00 to 800,000 region and Newcastle sit around 450, 000 solo

MC previous comments that if we don't make it work FFA won't help us appear to be very true under the Gallop led FFA.

If they went by there fish where the fish are motto then it would be Sydney and Melbourne league with a couple of our teams. NRL style.
This is the same Gallop who ignored an NRL expansion to CC.

I wonder if the stadium talk is a bluff as well just to get some things they want.
Seemed cold on the buying, oh we are just understanding what that is and we are just happy there is talk. That got me thinking is this cooling the talk to just get what ever they are after.


Well-Known Member
Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast as ever. That's one hell of a big call from Morrow! Brice's interview was interesting, I've never heard him speak before so it was good to have his perspective on things.


Well-Known Member
Been thinking about Morrow's call about Victory and honestly he couldn't be far off. While I don't think they will finish behind us they will definitely struggle this year, they have literally no injuries at the moment and barely managed to defeat an injury ravaged Adelaide (and they didn't even deserve to). If Victory get any injuries in midfield or defence they are more than stuffed.

Forum Phoenix

Well-Known Member
Great job again guys. A bit disappointed that a day long podcast is off the table, but appreciate the player ratings is a non starter.
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Well-Known Member
Great job again guys. A bit disappointed that a day long podcast os off the table, but appreciate the player ratings is a non starter.

First our capo chooses work over a game and now this! is it any wonder we're struggling - with all these part timers hanging around!? ;-)

In all seriousness though - I second FP's statement - loving your work boys, keep it up!

Forum Phoenix

Well-Known Member
Going to be weird listening to you guys after a win.

Brave new world awaits. Looking forward to it.

Question - when are we getting Okon on (the podcast I mean) - and what's the deal with our corners? Surely we have someone capable of putting the ball in at pace. Pain looks like he can :vhappy:

EDIT# Oh and loving the facebook quotes section :piralaugh:
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Coast Football Ramble

Well-Known Member
We look forward to the F3 derby with Shaun Mielekamp and Lawrie McKinna.
We discuss the Canberra home game with Shaun, the reasoning behind it, February's fixture and the fans that attended.
A-league previews and reviews and much more.

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Big Al

Well-Known Member
Great chat with Shaun about the running of the club and the games situation.

Should put it to Shaun to put that chat in a link to the members email. Won't be for everyone but those that care about the club will get a good insight and can help promote to negative Nancy's. Could also help promote the podcast by saying this interview was conducted by and it is on at or can be found here etc.

Poor Lawrie getting mixed up all the time between the us and them, when trying to talk old Mariners and new Jets.

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