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ALM Round 16 v Bling


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I Really don't know what is worse having to endure that half time show crap on Paramount with that has been hack O'Donovan or being beaten by Shitty FC.


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With Doka and Theoharous on the right Talay knew where to attack. Theoharous didn't have the speed to make any progress and so all the Sydney left side were raining down on Doka. The two half time subs could/should have been made earlier.

At the very least bringing on Reec would have given Sydney pause.


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The common view, mine included, was that Roux should have started over Doka and in hindsight it proved true given that Roux played well too.
Doka unfortunately didn't do well enough under that pressure, but to be fair not much of the team did.

The choice to start Doka can be understood though given he has had a good couple of games recently and Roux hasn't played much the last 3 games.
If MJ had started Roux and he didn't look sharp or he'd slipped up for a goal we'd all be saying it was a mistake not to start Doka who had the momentum.

Theo scored 2 in the last 3 and had earned his start.

It was the right move to sub them both at half time.

Really wish we had Steele and Tapp both available. With the depth there and Niz further forward we do much better


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This game always had the prospect of being a banana skin. A lot of our better players made very uncharacteristic mistakes and got severely punished for it.
The three games in a week ( 2 in the heat) did not help. Doka suffered from this not having had a lot of match time leading into these three. A mistake by MJ not playing Storm. Have we found the limit of Nizz's batteries, showed he was human.
I think there was a lot to be learned from tonight's game in the use of the squad and who fits where.
Good to see the team come back in the second half.

I seem to remember a mid season slump last year. No worries for the future, this team will bounce back.

Disappointing to see some posters here putting shit on our players. Some players read these forums and listen to pods. The negative rubbish does nothing to help confidence or the positive community vibe that this Club runs on.
Well let SFC have a look at this.


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Jeez there are some f**kin average posts on here after a loss. First loss in, what, 14? Yeah nah let’s stir shit with other forumites smh 🤦‍♂️

Criticism, when posted constructively or in a measured manner, is warranted. Yes, Doka was poor tonight, as were Hally and Theo. Niz had possibly his worst game. I love all these blokes - particularly Hally and Niz - but they’ll all bounce back. Personally thought we should have started Storm, but hey who’d be a coach?!
We’re usually so good at playing through teams who press us, but tonight we seemingly lacked direction, urgency, and decision making. Seemingly sloppy pitch didn’t help but both teams had to play on it. Interested (scared) to see how it holds up with NRL tomorrow, a game Tuesday, NRL double header next Saturday, the wanderers game next week, and monster trucks the following weekend…

Shit happens. It was a bump in the road. We move. We go again Tuesday.

Also, f**k football, it’s a shit sport anyway.

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