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Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by adz, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. adz

    adz Moderator Staff Member

    Discuss :)
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  2. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    Hi Justin,

    Can you get on gear and outline some of your plans for next season as well as the culture CC16 wants to bring to active support?
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  3. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    Hi Mick,

    Yeah mate no worries. We’re looking at doing a lot for the fans when it comes to awaydays ect. We have been in close contact with both the club and the OSC. We are going to be working towards organised awaydays. Venues ect. We have some pretty exciting ideas in the works!

    And also, we accept anyone, we don’t have an ultras mentality so there won’t be any pyro (as nice as it can be.) were just a group of lads who want to actively support the club, have a laugh at the football ect. At the end of the day everyone wants the same thing. And that is for bay 16 to get back to it’s full potential. :)
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  4. priorpeter

    priorpeter Well-Known Member

    Interesting that you now note you are looking into organising away day venues when this was something raised by the YA guys and the OSC guys at the meeting we had with the club last night.
    Not trying to slam you, but we need to make sure we don’t have 4 different groups mixing up their messages.
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  5. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    We all mentioned away days, after shaun left I was chatting to the guys from the OSC about it.

    We’re down to work with everyone when it comes to awaydays.
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  6. Coast Football Ramble

    Coast Football Ramble Well-Known Member

    Hey guys
    I took some minutes from the meeting last night.
    Sorry about the formating, I wrote them in a different program and copied them here.
    There's a couple of bits of interesting information from the club in here.
    But the majority would only really apply if you're keen on active support.
    Also want to thank Iain for setting it up.

    Meeting held 03/09/19 6:30 pm Mingara Legends Sports Bar

    Mariners represented by Shaun and Iain
    Yellow Army: Phil, Peter and Tyson
    OSC: Mark and Colin
    Coastie Crew: Justin

    · Yellow Army raised the question of a roof to the North end of the stadium to make it more comfortable for patrons and help the acoustics of the active support. This has been a request for many a year.
    Club stated that the roof would only come with the securing of any management rites.
    Management rites of the stadium would also secure us a W-league team.

    · Yellow Army raised the question of safe standing to the Northern stand as this is a preference for active support.
    Club stated that the council have already started replacing the seats in the stadium with no consultation from anyone; the new seating plan does not include safe standing.
    It does however remove any reference of bears from the seating. (little victories)

    · The walkout song was raised, Iain is open to suggestions, and they can be emailed to him for consideration.

    · Discussion of the location of the canon.
    Whilst the benefit of the canon being close to the Northern end lets the club use pyrotechnics during game day, it is off putting for some patrons in that stand.

    · The Club raised the issue of pre-game venues.
    Yellow Army mentioned that we have looked at various locations around the place.
    CCLC offers the easiest access for people to attend pre-game functions, however the sports bar leaves a lot to desire and the CCLC no longer supports the Mariners.
    Bay Rd has been considered, as has the South End Social.
    YA stated its intent to host pre-game.
    Coastie Crew stated that they intended to go to Iguana Joes and March to the game from there.

    · Away day venues were being looked at.
    Somewhere central to where fans live would be ideal.
    Also preferably someone who is a football fan and would actually put the game on the tele unlike other places tried previously.

    · OSC raised the question of the fan advisory board.
    The club stated there had been no progression since it was last brought up, no reason for it not to have progressed. Now that there is a new board in place, fans should start to push for a 1% ownership of the club.
    Potential fan sponsorship of a player was raised.
    Possibly adding something to a membership fee to cover the part fan ownership.

    · The Yellow Army asked the Club what its expectations were of the fan groups for this season.
    The club stated they can understand the reason for the negativity.
    Suggested that it should be done more in private, as the constant negativity online and in the public view would turn fans away from joining in as an active member or from attending games.
    The club accepted that the fans will praise them when something was deserving of praise, but also slam them when they deserved it.

    · The club stated that they hoped that the supporters groups would work together collectively to help each group achieve their goals.
    YA and OSC agreed that we would have more ongoing engagement whilst also respecting each other’s boundaries and areas.

    · The issue of the band was raised. All groups agreed that the band was a good addition for the first iteration of it, but became too overpowering for any vocal support.

    · Coastie Crew left the meeting around 8:00

    · Yellow Army raised the question of the continuation of a specialty security guard for Bay 16 that is familiar with the on goings of the bay.
    The club assured us that this would be worked on again as it had been son previously.

    · Yellow Army and OSC discussed past and future merchandise, venue suggestions, players, past active support activities and more. (Details are more vague as drinks had been consumed and the pen put down).

    · Yellow Army presented Iain with a Yellow Army merch pack to thank him for his time and welcome him to the family.

    Meeting ended 9:03
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  7. midfielder

    midfielder Well-Known Member

    Sorries if this is the wrong thread and wrong time.... but I have a suggestion whereby the active support could engage with the broader fan base at the stadium especially those younger...

    Its two old but IMO both very catchy chants, and can be started by anyone at the stadium.

    First is the donkey call..... EOR EOR repeated as many times as wanted to fit the event... sang when an opposition player makes a mistake..
    Second if an opposition goes down during the game .... the chant ... """ Dig a hole""" Dig a hole....

    Both these chants are easy to pick up, easy to understand when they are to be used...
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  8. adz

    adz Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for posting your notes Jimmy, some interesting stuff there.

    Awesome - I think this is one of the parts of game day that used to help build active in the early days, when we'd all pile into the Kendall and then go over to the ground... get to have a few beers and a chat before the game and then most people would know each other when they got into the bay.

    Did the club say anything about restrictions on merch? Stuff that is a no-go or any general things that are safe to do?
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  9. Coast Football Ramble

    Coast Football Ramble Well-Known Member

    No worries mate.

    The club didn't mention any restrictions on selling merch.
    We're still under the assumption that there's the ongoing restriction from selling it inside the stadium (as a pop-up shop) which is understandable. Previously (Before Shaun), we've been able to advertise merch outside the stadium on Dane Dr, but not sell it there. This was to protect Rebel Sports interest.
    Things might have changed since then, we didn't ask, but we will raise it in future.

    Regarding the designs, we try to have our designs not clashing with any official merch, there's no point trying to share the same market, we'll just hurt each others sales
    And YA will soon launch a player specific shirt, with the plan for more player specific shirts to follow.

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  10. adz

    adz Moderator Staff Member

    Cool, I've been wanting to put some merch together for ccmfans - just to sell online - but not want any designs that the club wouldn't approve of, and do something a bit different to YA.
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  11. midfielder

    midfielder Well-Known Member


    From Tom Smithers of the TeRRorgraph

    Using outline ...

    Telie link

    ONE of the most senior policemen in NSW has promised to help the Wanderers’ controversial Red and Black Bloc supporters group bring the passion back to Parramatta.

    Insisting his officers have no intention of being “the fun police”, Assistant Commissioner Mark Jones — an avowed fan of the game — acknowledged that football crowds are unique in the Australian sporting landscape and need policing accordingly.

    Jones’s position as Commander of the North West Metropolitan Region gives him ultimate oversight of Bankwest Stadium, and he promised to train a team of superintendents to manage games at the stadium in sympathy with the code and its supporters, having initiated talks with the RBB more than two months ago.

    After years of simmering tensions between police and the A-League’s active supporter groups, Jones said he wanted the police presence at Bankwest to be as discreet as possible — with trained supporter marshals given licence to manage the RBB’s behaviour in the first instance.

    His comments mark the first attempt to engage with A-League fans at such a senior level, and Jones — who plays the game every weekend — said his engagement with the RBB had surprised him.

    “A big part of it was looking them in the eye, shaking their hand — that was really worthwhile,” Jones said. “I told them, we’re not the fun police.

    “For two hours we talked about what a win would look like, what they really wanted to achieve this year.

    “I was surprised how well it went, and they’re actually pretty fair guys. They do appreciate there are certain key factors we have to ensure — no racism, no bullying, no flares.

    “They now appreciate more that we do get football. In the past there was possibly some communication where they got the impression that police were anti-football and didn't really understand the game.

    “I think now they believe we do understand it, and the value that the RBB brings to the Wanderers games. They bring a spectacular atmosphere which is absolutely beneficial.”

    Jones emphasised that police numbers can be affected by external factors, such as terror alerts, as well as fans’ behaviour, and that officers still have a role in maintaining player and referee safety — referencing the incident involving Will Chambers at Manly in the NRL on Saturday night.

    “But we’re very big on the supporter marshals and see a big role for them,” he said. “We’re working through an escalation process where their own supporter marshals can to a large degree work with the stadium, work with police and work with security to manage themselves.

    “If it’s all managed well, there's no role for the police other than our normal role of providing advice and support for the public.


    “The RBB still want to do their (pre-match) march and we’re working with them to find an appropriate establishment where they can go and have a few drinks before the game, and we can get them to and from the game in a responsible manner — we’re all for that.

    “Football is very different to rugby league or union or AFL. The actual game is very different and the spectator involvement is very different.

    “You don't have the same interaction with the game in rugby league — there's not the singing and dancing, there's no supporter groups.

    “Football is quite unique, and it took a while for us as police to adapt and understand. It helps to have people who play the game and are supporters of the game.”
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  12. Wombat

    Wombat Well-Known Member

    Now that is a cool and sensible plod. great to see.
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  13. adz

    adz Moderator Staff Member

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  14. Deej

    Deej Well-Known Member

    Reading those minutes are quite funny really, 80-90% would have been the same shit raised 12 years ago!
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  15. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    Hey everyone!!

    There is a arch happening for the FFA cup. The Coastie Crew will be at "AT Baker Street" from 5:30 onwards.
    The march will be departing at 6:55 and we will be making our way up Baker street. Then left onto the pacific highway, going past Bay Road Brewery. And then down Dane drive.

    We would love to have everyone there! Everyone is welcome to join in!
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  16. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB New Member

    Will the march feature you spouting more homophobic comments and putting shit on other groups like this?

    Good luck with your arch (sic) champ.

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  17. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    Heaven forbit there be a little bit of banter ‍♂️ jesussssssss
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  18. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    That’s not banter Justin. You got called out. Man up, own your mistake and apologise.

    You are in a leadership position now and have to be careful with your social media communication, even from your personal account. People will be scrutinising everything you do. Sarcasm does not translate well to the written word.

    Also, another dig at the yellow army. If you don’t want Bay 16 to be a cluster f**k on game day you probably need to cut the anti-YA sentiment, reach out and make some repatriations with the Yellow Army.

    The last thing I want to see standing at the back of bay 16 is the two groups trading insults while the game is on. This is helpful to no one, especially the players, who we are there to support.

    I will happily join any chants from where I stand, but geez, your history so far is making it very difficult to like what you guys are doing.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2019
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  19. Ancient Mariner

    Ancient Mariner Well-Known Member

    You really have no idea, do you?

    If you want to lead, you have to gain respect.

    Insulting those that have gone before and put in years of hard yards is a funny way of trying to obtain it.

    So far I do not like your group's chances.
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  20. Elite

    Elite Active Member

    I've said it once, I'll say it again...this divide is awful. It will do none of us any favours. We are already limited in terms of numbers as it is.
    Disrespecting the individuals who have given so much to this club over the years will jeopardise any chance you have of ever building and leading a successful group.
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