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Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by adz, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. Forum Phoenix

    Forum Phoenix Well-Known Member

    Change nearly always takes time. Pushing at the raw edges or imperfections early will only flare things up, as you’re probably noticing.

    Justin imo is doing the right thing now, totally non reactive, just keeping his focus on the bigger picture and what he wants to achieve. Best strategy long term for sure. It’s going to take time and exactly what wombat said, continued effort and leading by example.

    Imho, teething pains are to be expected in a situation like this. So I doubt every single person at the back adores and wants to support the CC. But that isn’t required or even reasonable and good news is it certainly sounds like it’s anything but all of them who won’t support - it seems like majority are happy to get behind the chants with the caveat of not any naff ones.

    Time to focus on what works and tread lightly around what doesn’t for awhile until, hopefully the mariners have a good season, and then equally hopefully, one day we can have a loud and strong active again. Will take years imo. So pick your battles wisely and don’t fight them on social media if you can help it.
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  2. style_cafe

    style_cafe Well-Known Member

    Well said FP, it`s a shame PP couldn`t lead anymore as he did a fantastic job and had a lot of loyal supporters,but times change and people move on .We all have to get behind Justin now and support him.
    I`m sure he realises that he has some very wise heads on here that he can send private messages to,if he wants some advice.
    Personally I`d love it if he brought back the "Mariner`s Til I die chant" I loved that one...:popcorn:
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  3. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    46DF1F08-A478-4D6B-9AC3-4D69D41EE712.jpeg A2FE20FC-7A8B-446B-8576-FECD0BF15832.jpeg NEW MERCH

    That’s right! We’re doing a second run of shirts seeing as the first run went so well!

    Pre orders only. Men’s, ladies and kids sizes are available! Shirts will be $30 with all profit going straight back into the Coastie Crew to make bay 16 better on game days, this includes Tifo’s, banners, flags ect ect.

    Payment can be done through PayPal!

    By the way, a massive shoutout to Ziggy Gordon for helping promote the shirts.

    Forever Loyal. CC16.
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  4. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    We’re running a competition! Head over to the CC16 Facebook page for more details!! :thumbup:


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  5. FFC Mariner

    FFC Mariner Well-Known Member

    NSW lotteries permit applied for I hope - hate to see you guys get fined
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  6. Wombat

    Wombat Well-Known Member

    Sure you would Fulham lol.
  7. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    Shoutout to everyone who came into the bay tonight. Was a brilliant result. Small steps, but we are getting there.
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  8. Coast Football Ramble

    Coast Football Ramble Well-Known Member

    A massive thank you to everyone who donated money for the RFS tonight.

    Yellow Army, the OSC and Ladies League all spent some of their time to collect money.

    It was honestly incredibly heartwarming to see how many people wanted to give their money over.
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  9. Justin Cooney

    Justin Cooney Active Member

    Lastnight was brilliant, Sydney away is always fun, got followed out of the stadium by 2 lads from The Cove

    Also good to see the Coastie Boys were there too. Shoutout to everyone who got involved :thumbup:
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  10. Pirate Pete

    Pirate Pete Well-Known Member

    Could actually hear a Mariners chant at one point on TV last night.
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