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Discussion in 'Australian Football' started by Andy, Jan 24, 2008.

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    Not sure why people think Canberra is a done deal. I think Wollongong is a better Football city than Canberra imho.
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    How does the Hyundai A-League transfer window work?
    Player movements in the Hyundai A-League are set to ramp up in the coming weeks, with released and retained lists being published and the opening of the transfer window on July 24 likely to bring more fresh faces from overseas.

    See below for all the key details of the transfer window, including when new signings can officially be registered to represent their clubs.

    SIGNING NEWS: All of the Hyundai A-League Ins & Outs
    BLUE MOVE: Barbarouses swaps Melbourne Victory for Sydney FC
    CHANGE OF SCENE: Kurto moves from Wellington to Western United

    How does the transfer window work?
    The Hyundai A-League operates around two transfer windows, known more formally as registration periods.

    Within these times, clubs can officially lodge the paperwork necessary to ensure new signings are eligible to play.

    The first registration period begins on July 24 and closes on October 15, 2019, while the second runs from January 3 to January 31, 2020.

    Recent signings such as Kosta Barbarouses (to Sydney FC), Daniel Georgievski (to Western Sydney Wanderers) and Filip Kurto (to Western United FC) will not be officially registered with their new club until the registration period opens on July 24.

    Both transfer windows bring flurries of activity, as clubs take stock and consider how best to approach the new campaign – or make changes for the crucial run-in at the end of the season.

    Players can be signed and registered at any point until 11:59pm on the final day of these windows.

    New signings from overseas require an International Transfer Certificate (ITC) to be passed between the relevant national associations.

    While an ITC must be requested before a window closes, it can be received beyond the final day.

    Sweden international Ola Toivonen required an ITC when he joined Melbourne Victory from Toulouse in France in August 2018
    Can clubs register a player outside the Registration Period?
    Yes, certain opportunities exist for clubs to add new players to their rosters outside the designated windows.

    The most straightforward option is if the player is a free agent – and last registered as a professional footballer – prior to the conclusion of the registration period.

    Alternatively, a player can be registered if FFA is satisfied that 'exceptional circumstances' exist, for example if an individual has terminated their contract at another club with just cause.

    If a player is signing from overseas under 'exceptional circumstances', FFA requires approval from the sport's international governing body FIFA.

    How do loans work?
    Domestic loans

    For players moving domestically within the Hyundai A-League, the following rules apply:

    • The player must be Australian, and eligible for national team duty
    • The player must be born after January 1, 1996 (so be no older than 23 at the start of the 2019/20 Hyundai A-League season)
    • The term of the loan must be for a period of at least one registration period to another, or until the end of the season
    • Clubs may not loan out more than two domestic players, and may not receive more than two domestic loan players
    • The loaned player is ineligible to play against his parent club
    Daniel De Silva: loaned from Central Coast Mariners to Sydney FC last season, he was ineligible to play against the Gosford club
    International loans

    There is no limit to incoming or outgoing loans internationally, providing the Hyundai A-League club complies with foreign player limits.

    For international loans, dates vary due to differing seasons around the world, but players must be registered during the first or second registration period to meet the requirements of the International Transfer Certificate.

    International loan: Shayon Harrison was one of a number of players from overseas to join Melbourne City on loan in 2018/19
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    League needs both and in time Tassie and North QLD again. Then it finally becomes a National competition in my eyes.
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    I'd rather see gold coast instead
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    How about as well?
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    Looks a good signing, sounds like he is a marquee.
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    Fabio Ferreira has joined NPL South Australia side Adelaide City from Perth Glory
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    City sign No one
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    I dont blame him for taking it while it's on offer and after only a year unless his form dives or he cops a major injury he'll still command a good figure when he comes back. Should be some certainty around the nix/their replacement and macarthur in the mix by then as well. It was only over the last few days I saw an article that brought up how Juric passed on a 10m deal in China and now he's barely getting a look in at the national team and not commanding anywhere near as much money.
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    Fitzgerald is now a scummer ...officially announced
    They are also close to announcing an international Aussie striker ....
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    Interesting. Do we think bigger name like Juric or maybe smaller like D’Agostino? The latter seems more likely on a budget but they have got some relatively expensive departures even with their money issues.
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    Get this....
    Scummers actually emailed their members re signing updates , club news etc ....
    Re new striker ..no leaks yet ......will keep ye posted if ....
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    Away at theirs will be epic - 2 of them to abuse
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