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Discussion in 'Australian Football' started by Andy, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    It's strange we don't have one of these, now that clubs are starting to release and sign players. Sources in Bold.

    Some latest news:

    Burns has agreed a stay at Adelaide for another year. Rejected offers from Tards, Sydney and Scum. Has a O/S clause too. Fox Sports

    Sasa Ognenovski has agreed to join Adelaide for the next one or two seasons. SMH

    Colosimo and Bertos have been released by Perth. Colosimo expected to go to Sydney and Bertos to Wellington. 442

    Jamie Harnwell is being chased by QLD, with Ognenovski leaving and Reinaldo being chased by European clubs. Fox Sports

    Michael Bridges is wanted as the Marquee player next year for Gold Coast Galaxy. Fox Sports

    Feel free to add to this.......
  2. thomas477

    thomas477 New Member

    Jardel has left NEW
    They are chasing R.Griffiths and Jamie Harnwell.
  3. Leedsmariner

    Leedsmariner Member

    442 Rumour

    Sydney FC after Edgar Davis as a marquee next season
  4. Leedsmariner

    Leedsmariner Member

    Another one:

    Leicester are interested in Joel Griffiths- 442

    They can have the little prick Me

    He should come with a cock whacking warning for all linesman in the Championship though Me

    Sources have been added in bold
  5. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Would love for him to go to Leicester!

    Couple more:

    Andrew Durante is seeking an early release from his contract to join Wellington. Scum Forum

    Musialik has offers from Melbourne and QLD, both in advance of $130,000. Is favouring the Pussycats though. Scum Forum

    Adam D'Apuzzo is close to signing with Sydney. ABSW

    There are a lot of players being linked with Melbourne and Adelaide ATM.
  6. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Plus a few more to leave on:

    Wellington are looking to sign striker's Joel Porter next season and a new marque player, WBA's Kevin Phillips. SMH

    Adelaide are after Jamie Coyne Scum Forum and 442 rumour mill

    While, the Jet are also chasing Jamie Harnwell and David Tarka for Version 4. 442
  7. Jocwa08

    Jocwa08 Member

    Lots of movement, mariners never really changed
    there team this year except a couple and it shows,
    the players fit nicely.
  8. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Plus Denni wont get a contract extension. Simon Hill

    EDIT- Laurent Robert is wanted as the Marquee player for Townsville Thunder next season. Really hate that Fecking name. SMH
  9. Jesus

    Jesus Jesus

    Probably something to do with them not having to worry about finals, as well as the lure of ACL
  10. Bear

    Bear Active Member

    Who, Accrington Stanley? Thats got to be the biggest crock of shit iv ever heard.

    In other transfer news, David Zdrillic has signed for Manchester United  ::)
  11. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Ease up. It came from this.
  12. Bear

    Bear Active Member

    Ease up? I wasnt having a dig at you, I was saying... "Thats got to be the biggest crock of shit iv ever heard"
  13. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    That's cool.

    With more goals I could actually see Reinaldo as one of the best strikers in the league. There are only a couple players better than him with their back's to goal.
  14. northernspirit

    northernspirit New Member

    and Eggy has signed Didier Drogba for Dinamo Marinators ;)
  15. Jocwa08

    Jocwa08 Member

    I know this has pretty much nothing to do with anything,
    but when people mention players ive never heard of i look
    at them in the new fifa08 game, and i looked Laurent Robert,
    Joel Porter and Kevin Phillips and im a bit worried bout these
    Laurent Robert is 77 skill.
    Joel Porter is 56 skill.
    Kevin Phillips is 74 skill.
    I know that means nothing as to how they play
    Aloisi is only 76 skill in the game.
    Good signings if they can land them.
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  16. Bear

    Bear Active Member

    Now you must be taking the piss. Id have Zdrillic, Allsopp or Robinson over Reinaldo any day of the week
  17. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Wouldn't be all that surprising.

    Drogba will do whatever he can to get out of Chelsea ATM. ;)
  18. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    No I'm not.

    Those three guys are different types of strikers an can't really be compared with Reinaldo.

    Allsopp's pace is probably the only thing that is better than Reinaldo.

    Robinson doesn't even get to play up front for the worst team in the comp.

    Zdrillic is just f*cking shite at everything he does.

    Finishing and golas is all that lets him down. Do you think Viduka is shit when he plays for the Socceroo's?
  19. Leedsmariner

    Leedsmariner Member

    You are surely not series???

    Zdrillic??? Robinson???

    I'd have Reinaldo over these two in a second
  20. M4L

    M4L New Member

    Id prefer Harnwell over those guys ;)

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