The Stajcic Era, a Partnership of desperates or a Marriage Made in Heaven?

Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by Ancient Mariner, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. Forum Phoenix

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    Please list your qualifications and answer
    Why I would be a good video analyst for the Mariners, and the fan forum will discuss and get back to you with an opinion soon.
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  2. Capn Gus Bloodbeard

    Capn Gus Bloodbeard Well-Known Member

    Wait, did a Mariners Coach actually say he wants to win an FFA Cup game?

    That's so crazy it just might work!

    Seriously.....a few of us were commenting on how crucial it is to take our preseason seriously, especially after how incompetently MM took preseason. Positive words...but wanting to win isn't enough. We HAVE to get past the first round
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  3. FFC Mariner

    FFC Mariner Well-Known Member

    Actually, I am hiring on behalf of the club. There is an application fee which I will collect on their behalf.
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  4. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    Do you also act for Nigerian Princes?
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  5. FFC Mariner

    FFC Mariner Well-Known Member

    Indeed, forward me your banking details and I will arrange for your $297,000,000 inheritance to be paid to you
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  6. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    Forward your vhs tapes to the club.
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  7. MagpieMariner

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    What's your brokerage fee?
  8. neverwozza

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  9. Coastalraider

    Coastalraider Well-Known Member

    In hindsight we should have seen the issues with Mulvey coming - he was let go at Brisbane Roar for essentially loosing the dressing room and respect of the players, which happened here quite quickly as well. The writing was on the wall for history to repeat.

    By that same token, I hope we look back on the appointment of Staj as the turning point - as everyone who has spoken out against the FFA decision has nothing but awe for the man. Lets hope all of that commentary is true as well, and he genuinely is the man to bring respectability back to our once proud club.
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  10. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    I agree but CCM weren't the only ones fooled, there were more than a few in the media floating his name as an option to replace Okon or calling it a good signing for us. MM talked the talk but didnt back it up, Staj has been careful not to talk things up too much but the club looks much more organised now compared to the same time last season despite the similar circumstances and appointment timelines. It looks quite possible we'll have 3 new visa signings here for pre season by week 2-3 while other teams are looking for bigger names and still considering their contingency plans. If we can hit the ground running and take some valuable points while others are still gelling it'll do wonders for our confidence.
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  11. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    The Ziggy one interests me. Up until last week he was going to Prague and then we suddenly sign him. That makes me think that either we had already settled on three visa players up to this point or we stopped negotiating with a visa player.
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  12. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    I read it as we were already negotiating with him but lost out late in his decision making but then with the changes their offer was either withdrawn or perhaps less appealing so we came back in to the picture. That could all be in my head but I doubt this was something that came together so fast for both parties out of nowhere.
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  13. Insertnamehere

    Insertnamehere Well-Known Member

    A new manager was hired at Prague Im pretty sure i read so can only imagine they shit canned him
  14. turbo

    turbo Well-Known Member

    Yep, either the manager pulled the deal or if it was still on the table maybe he wasn't necessarily going to be part of the first team plans anymore. Not the first or last player to have their situation shift massively under a management change and probably better for the change to happen now not in a few months time. Looks like our gain anyway.
  15. Insertnamehere

    Insertnamehere Well-Known Member

    I just hope HAL refs don't book him every week. I assume given he was the highest tackler in SPL that he went through plenty of blokes.
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  16. Forum Phoenix

    Forum Phoenix Well-Known Member

    My own suspicion - based on how they noted at the fan forum how hard it is to sign quality players in our position - is that they would almost certainly have a good sized list they’ve been going after.

    We probably lost out to Prague with Ziggy, but then when things changed he went with his next preferred choice.

    Remember how they said they were unsure re Kennedy and Hoole staying - implying it depended on who else they could get in.

    Their release is doubly good. Indicated they were confident of replacing them.
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  17. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    TBH - I think signing Australian players using Australian agents is probably harder after the last few years. Visa players open to coming to Australia are either up for a challenge or wanting a holiday. Where we have finished in the last few seasons is probably not a major concern as long as they are happy with what the manager is saying. then the trick is to find which ones are ready fro a challenge and which ones are here for a sunny holiday.
  18. Forum Phoenix

    Forum Phoenix Well-Known Member

    Mmm I dunno PJ, personally I can’t imagine visa players would not be pretty concerned at the idea of joining a spooning club with our recent history. Hence two suspended/banned players being signed and Ziggy saying he was worried but believes in Staj.
  19. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    I suppose I'm looking more at paying the right amount for players.

    The difference I see is that if we are talking to a visa player through an OS agent they are less likely to be comparing us to other Australian clubs. If you are a high quality Aussie player and you got offered Sydney FC, Perth or us we would need to pay overs to get him.

    With a visa player we make an offer for what we think they are worth, the agent looks around in Europe or Asia probably and is less likely to compare to other Australian clubs. If we get them good, if not we haven't paid overs.
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  20. Waspish

    Waspish Active Member

    How Central Coast Mariners coach Alen Stajcic is rebuilding the club from ‘ground zero’
    July 26, 2019

    The former Matildas coach is under no illusions about the work that needs to be at the A-League club both on and off the field this season and beyond.

    “Having gone to one of the fan forums; they have had so many false dawns, they’ve heard a lot with things that have been promised, and maybe over-promised and not delivered upon,”Stajcic said.

    “So for me it gets to the point almost that the words don’t matter — it’s about action. I know the fans want to have a team they can be proud of and one that they have hope. We have to provide that through our actions, on and off the pitch.”

    New signing Ziggy Gordon during Mariners training at the Centre of Excellence, Tuggerah Picture: Sue Graham
    Signed to a three-year contract by the struggling A-League club, Stajcic has piqued the interest of new signings such as Scottish defender Ziggy Gordon with the passion he feels for this “project”.

    “You’re almost starting from ground zero in a lot of ways, with a team that’s been on the bottom for four or five years and it’s not easy to build that up from scratch,” Stajcic said.

    While he is not making any grand predictions at this point, Stajcic said performance and effort would be significantly improved this season.

    The mood at the club is a far cry from when he arrived at the Mariners late last season, where Stajcic said “the environment was one where there was a lot of blaming of everything and everyone”.

    “There was never any accountability by the individual, it was always other people’s fault or other people’s problem,” he said.

    “There wasn’t anyone coming up with solutions, and accountability for how to solve problems, on or off the field. It was almost that victim-type mentality, which I thought we needed to change.”

    He said the changes had come from new faces and players still at the club who were there last season.

    “A lot of the people who have come in this year from other clubs have shown a real desire and a hunger to prove themselves at A-League level,” Stajcic said.

    “(And) a lot of the players who were here from last year have shown the desire to want to

    bring the club back up to where we know it could be and should be. There’s a real unified

    sense of purpose and positivity. The team is really aligned and unified.”

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