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Scummers asian owner looks like his getting his license stripped cause Trump f**ked up his business deals with America ...or something

Big Al

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Well we didnt get smashed. We looked far better drilled than normal. We have absolutely nothing going forward but looking at the cattle available thats a feather in Staj's cap.
Defensively we were a bit better tonight. While they were having a field day down our left we never panicked and CB’s covered the runs of Roy better than we have for a long time.
ziggy was a monster too. By far his best game. We got caught a couple of times but we fouled at the right time in the right spots.
Offensively it was offensive to watch


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McKinna was quoted as saying the Western Sydney business man has pulled out of buy the jets. So they're still looking for a new owner too.
That complicates things from an FFA perspective and for both clubs. If relocating is allowed for one it has to be allowed for the other, you could see both regional teams swallowed up by other city bidders like Canberra, Team 11, etc..

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

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I might be biased, but any league that allows a foundation club to get relocated is cooked.

though if we get merged I want somebody to stream Charlesworth's face when he gets told.


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c**tsworth actually approached Scum about a merger deal. Go f**k yourself Michael!!!!!!!!

Haha - that’s not quite the way it played out at all. Shaun touches on it in the upcoming pod, but the bloke who wrote that article may have sensationalised it just a touch.