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Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by MrCelery, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. MrCelery

    MrCelery Well-Known Member

    Next week should be a cracker of a game, as the mighty in-form Mariners take on the somewhat lucky bogan scum Jets and their travelling fans - the Squadrunts.

    So what better than a few bogan jokes to get things started:

    Q: How do you know if you're a Newcastle Jets bogan?
    A: You let your 15-year-old daughter smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids.

    Q. Two bogan Jets supporters jump off a cliff at the same time to see who'll land first. One is fat and one is skinny. Who wins?
    A. Society.

    Q. What does a Jets bogan use as protection during sex?
    A. The bus shelter.

    Q. What do you call a 30-year-old female Jets supporter?
    A. Grandma.

    Q. Why did the Jets bogan cross the road?
    A. To steal your hubcaps

    Q. What do you call a Newcastle Jets girl in a white tracksuit?
    A. The bride.

    Q. Two bogan Jets supporters are in a car without any music, who is driving?
    A. The policeman.

    Q. What's the difference between a bogan Jets boy supporter and a bogan Jets girl?
    A. The girl has the higher sperm count.

    Q. Why wasn't Jesus born in Newcastle?
    They couldn't find three wise men and a virgin.
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  2. midfielder

    midfielder Well-Known Member

    LOL... love it..
  3. p-diddy

    p-diddy Member

    looking forward to this.

    hopefully your home end will put in a decent effort for once.
  4. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    Hope your fans will be able to hold their drink for once.
  5. true believer

    true believer Well-Known Member

    so tell us of your loaded lads concerns D.
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  6. p-diddy

    p-diddy Member

    well now we wouldn't want to drop them, would we?
  7. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    I suppose not. A six pack of woodies between three would still eat up a fair chunk of pocket money.
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  8. Roy Law

    Roy Law Well-Known Member

    And BTW the site has highlights for free (they are random, they don't always how the Mariners) but the Adelaide win is on there
  9. furns

    furns New Member

    shite regurgitated jokes aside, this saturday will be keenly contested by two in-form teams.

    Bring it on.

    We also look forward to doubling your attendance for this game ;)
  10. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    Yep - should be a belter. Jeremy Brockie in particular is in stunning form, I'm looking forward to seeing how he goes against Josh Rose. Griffiths will have a harder time against Wilkinson and Zwaanswijk than he's had of late though. I wil be breaking out the popcorn for another visit by Ruben Zadkovich, and would implore everyone in the northern end to take appropriate protective wear.

    ...and halving the average IQ.
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  11. furns

    furns New Member

    I wouldnt worry about that, with the low rake of the stands behind the goals, the ball will probably end up on platform 1 at the station.
    Or in the bay at the other end.

    just couldnt help yourself huh? :rolleyes:
  12. adz

    adz Moderator Staff Member

    Any flares lined up for this week?

  13. furns

    furns New Member

    You have us confused with victory fans mate ;)
  14. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    Nope. Your dig at the crowd numbers set it up too easily.:p
  15. p-diddy

    p-diddy Member

  16. cbowden9000

    cbowden9000 Active Member

    Yay! Hutch gets to start in the derby! :D
  17. Brighty

    Brighty Active Member

    And this my friends is exactly what we've been waiting for..... Hutch v squadrunts!! :eek:verhead:
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  18. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    maybe they can spare our players the bus fare home.
  19. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    I would hardly call two losses and a draw in the last four games as being "in-form".
  20. LFCMariners

    LFCMariners Well-Known Member

    True that. Chants of 'Far cough Newcastle' and 'You are a bogan' are much louder and more frequent than normal...

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