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Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by Azza-Mataz, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Azza-Mataz

    Azza-Mataz Member

    i think we need to keep it real simple. Such as,

    Loads of "he's" songs:

    To the addams family theme:
    He's in the back foursome
    He's absolutely awesome
    From corners he will score some
    He's nigel boogaard


    To the Tune Of Barmy Army:

    Yellow Army, Yellow Army, Yellow Army (keep chantin' till you drop dead)

    And I Know This One Is Used Here And There, But So Far No-One In The A-League Has Used It Yet:

    Just chant the tune to Ring Of Fire by johnny cash
  2. MattSimon

    MattSimon New Member

    To Jest for next year:
    What's that coming over the hill? The wooden spoo-n! The wooden spoo-n!
  3. Auburn Mariner

    Auburn Mariner New Member

    Here's one that I would love to try, and yes, it's long, but it is a terrific song:

    Part 1:

    Hearts to hearts and hands to hands,
    Beneath the Yellow & Blue we stand,
    We shout, God bless our native land,
    Central Coast, Central Coast

    Part 2:

    Out we come, out we come, out we come to play,
    Just for recreation's sake to pass the time away.
    Lots of fun, heaps of fun, enjoy yourself today,
    The Mariners are hard to beat, when they come out to play.

    Part 3:

    So join in the chorus and sing it one and all,
    Join in the chorus, the Central Coast is on the ball.
    The Central Coast Mariners, they're legends you'll agree,
    The Mariners will be champions, just you wait and see!

    This is the North Melbourne version:
  4. ~Floss~

    ~Floss~ Active Member

    QLD do that ... but i understand how not many people have actually heard them sing it.
  5. Azza-Mataz

    Azza-Mataz Member

    To The Tune Of The Ants Go Marching In:

    We sing our songs behind the net
    coastie, coastie.

    We always stick it up the jets
    coastie, coastie.

    we'll go in tackles with studs up
    'n we'll come out laughin' with the cup

    'n the the coasties keep singin
    were gunna win the league
    were gunna win the league
  6. coast

    coast New Member

    ^haha dude, that chant is mad, everyone know's the original and i think it works well. IMO probably a little better if instead of coastie use the plural coasties. But sounds great, do any other clubs use anything like it?
  7. ForzaJets

    ForzaJets New Member

    Wrong. We were the first to use it and it's one of our louder ones.

    Melbourne also use it about Sydney.
  8. skilbeck

    skilbeck New Member

    Wrong. We all know that all you chant is "newc-arse-hole clap clap clap" or variations of that.
  9. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    incorrect SCC did it first and if you guys arnt doing the "new-cas-tle", "lets all copy the victory ole ole", or "cmon newcastle"  you guys arnt loud....kk that is all
  10. ForzaJets

    ForzaJets New Member

    Wrong. We now also sing "we are champions"
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  11. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    lolz, gotta pay that one
  12. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    anyone suspect that merseyred hasn't been to one of our games?
  13. Paolo

    Paolo Well-Known Member

    ......or any other games and never seen a match on tv

    and had to strap on my lollerskates at the suggestion of yellow army
  14. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    i dunno, it's just so crazy we might be able to make it work! :piralaugh:
  15. skilbeck

    skilbeck New Member

    Wrong. next year you will be singing "we are wooden spooners, we are wooden spooners" and knowing most people from newcastle they would probably think that was a good thing
  16. thanman

    thanman Guest

    Kings among men.
  17. ForzaJets

    ForzaJets New Member

    Wrong? Typical gypsy.
  18. skilbeck

    skilbeck New Member

    let me repeat it for you, next year as in 2009 after HAL V4 you will be singing "We are wooden spooners We are wooden spooners"

    "gypsy" hahahahaha you scummers are so imaginative with your wit, if only we on the coast were that innovative to use a term thats a slur to the Roma people of Europe and use it against people we dont like. you scummers make me :vomit: in all fairness  ::)  ::)
  19. ForzaJets

    ForzaJets New Member

    Let me repeat it for you. You said wrong to us singing 'We are Champions'

    In case you don't know, one fine Sunday in Feb, the 24th to be exact, we beat you 1 - 0 in Sydney. You know - the time we became Champions.

    And rofl at you saying Gypsy is unimaginative yet you call us scummers - the lamest of the lame.

    Anyway, i'll let this thread get back on topic - fantastic songs here that need more discussion...
  20. Azza-Mataz

    Azza-Mataz Member

    nah its an original!

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