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Pre game music review

Forum Phoenix

Well-Known Member

Hells Bells (fav at the boxing, Muay Thai, MMA) and Thunderstruck are good suggestions.
The rest of them, no so much.

For me the Immigrant Song is perfect! Lets make it ours.

I also love Jump Around by the House of Pain but the Yanks have owned that. (another huge Boxing/Muay thai walk out song)
That would be so much FUN. But am happy with immigrant song. Play Jump Around after goals would be fun. We do it anyway :)

And imagine how high Kuol would jump then! Practically gets into orbit as it is.


Well-Known Member

Something with numbers intro.

Use as a walk on song!
Has a big clap along feel as players go on and they are Central Coast locals!!!
Its good but not enough for a walk out song. I can see that as the backing music is a Gritty UK Cop show like Luther as everything starts to turn to shit and mayhem happens.


I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit
I still like Alestorms “You are a Pirate” ...if nothing else due to the nautical theme


Well-Known Member
yes but have you seen song remains the same 22 times a merrylands cinema
Its f**king Merrylands mate. I'm going there to score or sell and get out quick. Not watch a movie LOL! Although I did drive a Datsun 1600 back the Northern Beaches back when the suburb was white bogan in the lates 80's.

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