National Youth League Fixtures and Mariners youth team discussion

Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by Paolo, Aug 5, 2008.

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    Winner of this game will be three points behind WSW with two rounds remaining. So we leave out Josh Nisbet because he has been training with the A League full time but not called up as yet, and Jonathon Aspropatamitis who has played the last three games in NYL (and has been a stand out despite Junna's criticism of his positional play!) who was left out of the A League squad last night because Mulvey said (in the presser) that he wasn't ready for even 70 minutes yet but won't let him play NYL to get some more minutes in his legs before Wellington next week. But they name Kekeris who has to pass a fitness test this afternoon. Go figure....
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    Some big WTF moments coming out of the club at the moment
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    So they’ve learnt nothing from promotion FFA Cup debacle

    Absolutely nothing beats playing games
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    3-0 to the boys in the 90th minute against a 10 man Sydney team
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    Finishes with a 3-0 win. Gauci with a penalty save.
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    Don't butcher 'em like pigs if you want to sell 'em to that community. Butcher 'em like poddy calves.
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    If I'm not mistaken this is the Yoof team's final game for the season - we have a bye in the last round.

    Then there's a billion combinations and permutations that basically mean at the moment any team except Canberra has a shot at the Conference title.
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    So the COE pitch is up and running again.
    Good news.....hopefully it's level now.
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    Late goal to win after Canberra led most of the game.

    To win the title and be in the Grand Final, CCM needs WSW to lose its remaining game by 2 goals or more, and for Sydney and Newcastle not to make 15 points (both have 2 or 3 games left)
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    I must digress on the above, we are done now.

    Sydney defeated Newcastle 3-2 and have matches remaining against Canberra and WSW - even if they lose to Canberra, the Sydney Yoof Derby counts us out no matter the result.
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    Yeah I think that's actually their bedtime.
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    The first triple header for Sydney. W League at 4pm followed by HAL followed by NYL.
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    This is great. I remember going to a lot of NRL games, there would often be Jersey Flegg and 1st division playing in the lead-up. Even going to watch the Swans at the AFL, the Reserve Grade would often be playing first - means you have the chance to make a real day out of the event if you choose to. Sure, those wouldn't get many people there (and I don't know if it still happens), but it did mean a lot of people would watch it who wouldn't normally go.
    I mean, for a local Mariners game, how early would people turn up to the prematch venue? An hour before kickoff? An extra half hour, and that's probably enough to catch the second half of a curtain-raiser match.
    IMO it also just helps build up these teams as an important part of the club.

    What an absolute joke - not to mention having 2 byes in such a short tournament, though the W-League has the same problem (not that I care about the W on principle).
    I do miss having CCM-Youth play down in Melbourne, but I always questioned how valid the NYL really is as a development comp - the standard is just so far below any reasonable mens standard.

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