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National Youth League Fixtures and Mariners youth team discussion

Big Dog

Great game to watch. Gotta say, I thought the subs Monty made in the second half were good ones even though we went behind just after. Having Hatch, McCarthy & Cahill come on gave us some extra drive and movement, and all were in everything after we equalised.
Dan Hall is outstanding, I'm also a big fan of Ballard and Hatch has loads of potential. Harry Steel has been a surprise to me as well. He's cemented his spot in midfield and done very well.


Well-Known Member
We need to be doing everything we can to hold onto Monty imo. He is highly qualified and clearly knows what he is doing. Future first team coach if we can keep him I reckon

He is the type of coach I felt we needed for many years now. We are a low budget team and have had coaches that want to play curriculum football. I am sick of us trying to play football out from the back when our players can’t pass.

Monty played in the Championship - one of the toughest leagues in the world. He knows what it is like to push and scrape for wins.

There seems to be a certain practicality about his coaching that we haven’t had since the Lawrie/Fergie combo. And yes I am excluding Arnie because he had the budget to play with.


Well-Known Member
I can see them getting a Patty Z/Ben Cahn combo
I can’t see them going for an even less established option than JP. I reckon a Merrick/Aloisi level appointment is the minimum they’ll go for among local candidates. Could be wrong of course but they desperately need a return to form and that could bring some risk aversion.

FFC Mariner

Well-Known Member
Queenslander of Fijian heritage. Has turned 21 so too old for an A League scholarship unless they increase the age limit in line with youth teams moving to Under 23.
Given his quality and some of the dross we have had at CB lately, why wouldnt we sign him? Future captain material. Could play DM too


Well-Known Member
Given his quality and some of the dross we have had at CB lately, why wouldnt we sign him? Future captain material. Could play DM too
IF Hall was to be blooded as a DM (which I`d like to see) who would you pair him with Stens or Nizzy?
and where would you play the one that moves considering that Bozanic (if he signs) could play at 10.
Basically signing Hall to a full contract,whilst good business,will cause a lot of selection headaches for Staj (which is a good thing)...:popcorn:

Big Dog

Dan Hall Went to Ipswich Grammar in QLD just before moving. I'd like to see him step up alongside a really solid CB so he initially has some support around him. It's a big step up. He has an outstanding capacity to read the game. Playing CB allows him to see what's in front of him though, which is why CB would be better than DM while he adjusts to the A-league imo. Would allow him to play to his strengths.


Well-Known Member
I found this interesting. I know because of the shortened season that there is not supposed to be promotion and relegation. However Arnie has called for an expansion of the NPL comps to a 16 team 30 game season including all A-league clubs. In NSW that would mean adding us, Macarthur and Newcastle to the 12 that played and Sutherland Sharks resuming.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Central Coast Mariners Academy are accepting Expressions of Interest for our NPL Men, Women, Youth and SAP Squads for the 2021 season.

Interested players wishing to trial should complete the EOI form by CLICKING HERE.

** Current players of Central Coast Mariners Academy teams need not apply

Players will be individually contacted and invited to attend trials during November 2020.

2021 Age Groups:

  • NPL Men (First Grade, U20’s, U18’s)
  • NPL 2 Women (First Grade, Reserve Grade, U17’s, U15’s, U14’s)
  • NPL Youth (U16’s, U15’s, U14’s, U13’s)
  • SAP (U12’s, U11’s, U10’s, U9’s)

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