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The only name i would have ever got was Gumprecht........but I would 100% think about Tonyik or Koul this season. Absolutely loving these boys.

Edit....I would also definitely get Nizzy or Simo or Olly or Birras as well.
Get the lot wombat...the 2021 tribute strip 🤙🏻💙💛


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Just a quick question before the game today,
Is there still a stand for jerseys and ccm gear or is it only at erina?


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I got my Northern Irish missos 16 yo old brother on board the mariners this year, and my missus was going to send him one of the plain navy, zip up, hoodies with the the yellow trimming under the arms over for his birthday, but it seems to be sold out everywhere. if anyone knows where I can pick one up, or if there's any restocking taking place, I'd be much appreciative.


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Some of us emotional fans are in limbo at the moment, considering Staj’s departure.

I feel some “good news” from the club would be welcomed. As a thought, maybe a jersey design competition is a positive way to connect Mariner’s supporters. It could be the alternative third kit.


Hi I got hold of these from a mate who was doing a cleanout, any clues what year they would be from? Hard to decipher autographs.


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