Matildas WC 2019 thread

Discussion in 'Australian Football' started by marinermick, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. RECKY

    RECKY I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit

    Let’s be realistic, it’s true , Sammy can get away with anything , from telling people to suck it to banging one into the back of the top tier during a pelanty shootout
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  2. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    Could end up as an all European quarters.
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  3. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    That’s because Kerr can play football.
  4. RECKY

    RECKY I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit

    Ah yes, Agreed, But so can Jedinak or Cahill or Schawzer or Matty Ryan , BUT might I suggest that if they told someone in a interview “to suck on that one” the uproar would be earsplitting
  5. pjennings

    pjennings Well-Known Member

    Not if it was Saint Timmy;)
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  6. MagpieMariner

    MagpieMariner Well-Known Member

    Saint Timmy wouldn't say it. :cool:
  7. marinermick

    marinermick Well-Known Member

    England well and truly demolished Norway. Puts an even more negative light on our campaign.
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  8. style_cafe

    style_cafe Well-Known Member

    I`m hearing Milicic to be inaugural coach of Macarthur...:popcorn:
  9. sydmariner

    sydmariner Well-Known Member

    it was announced several weeks ago
  10. style_cafe

    style_cafe Well-Known Member

    I held off out of respect to the Matildas...:popcorn:
  11. ballantyne

    ballantyne Active Member

    In particular, Graham ran amok against Australia yet was barely in the game v England.
  12. Wombat

    Wombat Well-Known Member

    I got on England at 9-1. USA will be tough but it might just be the year of the Lioness.
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