Matildas WC 2019 thread

Big Al

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Bump 1st game tonight.

I’m very worried for the girls. Ante hasn’t had them playing anywhere near the standard Staj had them but they were starting to show signs of tiring of Staj in the last couple of games before his sacking.

Is it the girls have reached there peak and are now in decline or was Staj trying to much in prep for the World Cup?

Has Ante just taken a while to get used to the girls or does he really have no clue?

Unfortunately I’m predicting a bad tournament when it should have been our best

Forum Phoenix

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I’m rooting for them, but I agree.

Up until 6 months ago I really believed this could be their time. But they just look too fragile at the back and less cohesive than they were.
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Pirate Pete

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Anyone watching this?
I thought at the time the Italian goal was onside.
Now they've shown it with lines on the pitch. How on earth wasn't it given?
VAR strikes again.


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Woeful. Some terrible mistakes and touches that no professional footballer should be making.

Forum Phoenix

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Ante and Gready are both clowns.
Yep. Girls in the commentary box rightfully hammered them. Was Milicic just trying to stamp his name on the squad?Why has he fixed what wasn't broken?

Polkighorne's error was terrible, but that bloody high line and play out at all costs was Okon-esque and just awful. And funny that it facilitated exactly the kind of defensive errors we gave away. We looked very Mariners like second half. Maybe it's bloody Jolic? He's the common ingredient. Ante's press conference after was pathetic too, and also Okon-esque.

Devanna trying too hard, gave the ball away 5 or 6 times. Should not have been subbed on at that stage and why were they letting Sam drift so wide? Got onto the end of 3 balls 1st half and then just pumps in a few crosses in the second instead.

Tell you what, they've clearly lost a far better coach in Staj. Those who ousted him have a lot to answer for.

Matilda's loss will maybe prove our gain, but it sucks right now.

Forum Phoenix

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Can't blame the coaches for skill errors like the lead-up to the Italian 1st goal. At least, not at this level.
Terrible individual error but there was a lot the coaches got wrong imho. And the similarity of mistake when you get big defenders with limited ball skills who have to play out at all costs was so depressingly familiar.

FFC Mariner

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Nice seeing the scummer ballsing it up, from the ABC match report:

The growing pains within the team are obvious; the side hasn't performed up to their previous standards since former coach Alen Stajcic's removal, with no clear signs of improvement under Milicic.

true believer

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can you imagine staj , screaming at the tv last night !
Polkighorne was exposed by angie ball . i feel for such a great servant for australia .