Mariners vs Perth 18 July 20


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I think the main problem we are having is the link up play between Oar and the attack. He seems to be playing as a 10 but just has no awareness. Defence seems ok but we just lack any ability to hold the ball and go forward

Big Al

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Just tuned in. Stensness sprays one out over the sideline with no pressure and about 5 meters in front of Ziggy.
The Mariners are back baby


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Silvera’s 1st touch cost important possession maybe 4 times.

Backs look more confident, a stronger line staying a bit more in position.

But overall lack direction and a leader, after 11minutes as usual we loose the energy start getting tired, end up chasing for the rest of the half.
When we do get the ball the legs are to lethargic to put together strong confident passing.

Pretty much has fallen exactly the same way as every single other game.
A lot of heart, a lack of skill and a distinct shortage of confidence.

Capn Gus Bloodbeard

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There's no reason to be short on confidence - with the massive break, we should have been able to exorcise the daemons and get our head in the game.
If they're playing with a lack of confidence, then that reflects extremely poorly on Staj and the rest of the coaching department. If we're unfit compared to the others, that also reflects very, very poorly on them.
Though so does that pathetic goal they scored.
I missed the game - got the start time mixed up with the other one tonight, but just looking at some clips, looks like we're just as bad as always. Lots of ball watching and walking into tackles instead of having desperation, defenders who don't have a clue waht they're doing and 'attackers' who have no idea how to move off the ball and create space.
There's a small part of me that thought we might come back strong after the gap.
I'm back to being despondent.