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Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by Josho Howe, Aug 26, 2019.

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  1. Josho Howe

    Josho Howe Well-Known Member

    Whoever it is behind the troll account just disliking everything, please get a life and stop trying to stir shit. I really enjoy the forum community and all have been good people sharing our thoughts and opinions on the club we all support. Causing division for a laugh isn't welcome on here.

    If it's not any of those kids in this new Coastie Crew group, then apologies for getting it wrong, but who else outside of that group would make an account with their name? If it's some random having a laugh they've fooled everyone, good for them.

    FYI: I am fully behind anyone that wants to start trying to get active back, it gets nothing but support from me and l will join in on matchdays. The thing is though, talk is cheap and l will believe it when l see it at games.
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  2. Capn Gus Bloodbeard

    Capn Gus Bloodbeard Well-Known Member

    Have you considered he could also have been referring to your attitude?

    You've come on here, called one of our most valued forum members names, made accusations which 2 members have verified as false and you haven't had the decency to apologise for your misinformation or even acknowledge it.

    For all your talk of an olive branch you're being pretty damn divisive yourself.

    You referring to the aforementioned twitter account with reference to 'official supporters club'?

    Also, clearly this thread started off in the shitter and went downhill so isn't the best place for any real dialogue about what you guys reckon you can bring to the table. Any plans to open a dialogue on here with those who have been supporting CCM since day dot?
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  3. FFC Mariner

    FFC Mariner Well-Known Member

    Well done champ - destroyed yourselves before the 1st game. What a bunch of little f**k wits you are
  4. adz

    adz Moderator Staff Member

    Alright so whoever it is has had their fun, I'll ban the account and clean up the mess (all the dislikes)
    Closing thread and opening a new one in case this is a topic people want to discuss properly.

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