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I love your pods guys, but I still regularly find myself wishing you guys spent a chunk more time breaking down our games, players and tactics. (Especially when we win) Only have a passing interest in the other teams performances /rounds. But a strong interest in us.

Maybe you’re worried about boring us? but I’d really enjoy you all talking a lot more at length about our games.

Thanks FP
I don't know . I could listen to ragging the scum for half a show especially if victory towel them up this week

just imagine an ernie aneurysm , just gold
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Love the pod guys. Seems to be many in the tipping comp whom have no faith in our team. Like Rudan and the wage thief who was on the crowd Eddie Bosnar eat a big bag of d#@%$ to all that tipped Western United. Just don't know how you can tip against your team.