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Coast Football Ramble Podcast


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Back into lockdown we go 🙃 hope everyone is staying safe and well.
But lockdown isn’t gonna stop us from bringing you the inaugural Coast Football Ramble Podcast Awards Show!
Goal of the year? Player of the year? That’s all well and good but we’re looking for the awards that YOU would like to hear!
Is it Fan Moment of the Year? Maybe it’s Goal Celebration of the Year? Let us know what award categories you would like to see given, and we might just award it live on Tuesday night!
How about the all class moment of the year?
My nomination: Oli chaperoning Kye Rowles’ Mum from the field on Pink round night.

Also, thanks for all your work on the pods this year, just love listening to them on my commute to work.

Big Al

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monty interview needed . what is monty gunna play 442 , 352 , 41212 ?
are we searching for a No9 ? our recruitment from central america has been a godsend .
do we have someone there looking for us ?
First question has to be do you know how to make substitutions.

I think he’d trust the youngsters a little more and would be less risk adverse than Staj in that regard

Coast Football Ramble

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Surprise Pod!

What's up lockdown legends?!
It's been a red hot minute, but we are BACK!
This week, Pete, Luke, Josh, and Morrow catch up virtually to discuss the Mariners Medal recipients, and all the latest news regarding player retention, attrition, and addition!
We look ahead to the future and hope to heck we can get out of lockdown soon!
0.00-14.49 - Intro/Mariners Medal Chat
14.56-27.40 - Player Departures
27.48-38.56 - Player Retention
39.05-50.04 - New Signings
50.28-54.30 - FFA Cup/Outro


Coast Football Ramble

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It has been a red hot minute, so let's get the whole gang back together! Pete, Jimmy, Luke, Fred, Josh, and Morrow are BACK for another Ramble!

We catch up with Mariners CEO Shaun Mielekamp - who gives us an exclusive update on the Mariners W-League, the stadium rights, and the Dabney dos Santos signing.

Luke may be recording from his bathroom, or possibly underwater.

And we answer your questions.

00.00-09.35: Intro/Fred's Question
9.40-31.10: Arrivals/Departures
31.30-49.23: Shaun Mielekamp
49.38-74.52: Fan Questions
74.57-78.00: Outro


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What the actual f**k is going on with the stadium?

What are some realistic alternatives noting COVID?

Who has been the standout new signing at training?

What's Montys likely starting 11 and shape.

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