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...I'm not sure I see the problem. Having a merged council lends the region a big voice to hit up Macquarie St for more attention.

Pirate Pete

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...I'm not sure I see the problem. Having a merged council lends the region a big voice to hit up Macquarie St for more attention.
Rather than stuck with I should have said it looks like we'll have to put up with a merged council with no Councillors
until the state government pull their finger out and sort out council elections.


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The no elections bit is the shit bit, but having not given the Coast elections in September 2016 like they should have, the elections would never have come about before September 2017, whether they de-merged the council or not.


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If only he had some sort of connection to the club...

I reckon Anne Charlton will run for Labor. Did very well at the last Federal election running for Robertson.

FFC Mariner

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f**k that shit.
Disaffected white working people. Y'know like the ones who voted Leave and for Trump. The sort of bandwagon an opportunistic fascist would jump at.

The good news is that most One Nazi candidates do something unbelievably stupid and have to be stood down. We just need to make sure whoever wins is a foundation member who promises to fund a roof over the open end
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Very smart Fulham.
Unfortunately life is a bit too cruisey and Anglo for One Nation to take off on the coast I would have thought?
Holstein ate at the table behind me on Sun night.............I will definately have a whisper if I see him again.

Big Al

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I'm more anti the ward setup than the merger itself, all councillors should represent the whole area.

The shitfight when more money is spent in Gosford than Tuggerah or the entrance may fuel some issues but to here hasn't been a lot of anti merger centiment that I've seen in the news

I'm certainly worried about being bombarded as the seat behind re run was held by 200 odd votes.

Will be interesting to get a grip of how the current liberal administration is viewed

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Going to say it early. Get a Mariners member who is the One Nation candidate.

Classic mid term boil over looms.
f**k that

Very smart Fulham.
Unfortunately life is a bit too cruisey and Anglo for One Nation to take off on the coast I would have thought?
Holstein ate at the table behind me on Sun night.............I will definately have a whisper if I see him again.
i suspect Anne Charlton will run and win against lucy from brookvale .
holstein wasn't caught holding a brown paper bag . while supporting a liberal would burn me .
he's an opportunist we could exploit . the tune for chris is simple .no one gives a rats about council elections .
we have the troops on the ground to win it for whoever we support .
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Fears pitch will hold up at Central Coast Stadium in bumper weekend of NRL, A-League action

TOM Jenkin is putting in the hard yards to ensure Central Coast Stadium remains in top condition throughout this weekend’s National Rugby League and A-League action.

Mr Jenkin, who has been head groundsman at the stadium for about a year, is confident the groundwork has been laid to ensure the playing surface passes its toughest test under his watch.

There will be two curtain-raiser matches before an NRL trial between Manly and the Roosters on Saturday evening, followed by the A-League clash between the Central Coast Mariners and Melbourne Victory on Sunday evening.

The Mariners will be out to keep their winning run going against Melbourne Victory on Sunday.

Roosters star Mitchell Pearce will be in action on Saturday in the NRL trial game.
Mr Jenkin has read the social media chatter from football supporters concerned about how the surface will come up, as the Mariners chase their fourth consecutive A-League win on Sunday, but he is adamant there is nothing to worry about.

“I read it all on Facebook and they’ve got their concerns but I see it every day and I don’t have any concerns at all,” Mr Jenkin said.

“There will be divots from the rugby league but they will be plugged out, and if they’re that bad, they’ll be replaced.”

He will lead a team of five who will get to work on the ground from about 15 minutes after the final siren in Saturday’s NRL clash.

Head groundsman Tom Jenkin puts the polish on the pitch at Central Coast Stadium yesterday. Picture: Mark Scott
“We will green out the NRL lines, take the posts down and spend the next few hours on the pitch; rolling it and it’ll get cut, so any loose turf will be taken off,” he said. “Then on Sunday it’ll get a double-cut and will be re-marked after we cut it.”

Central Coast Council administrator Ian Reynolds said the council was lucky to have such a professional team.


IRISH striker Roy O’Donovan isn’t sure whether he will remain on the Central Coast next season.

The 31-year-old, who notched his ninth and 10th goals of the campaign in the 2-0 win over Western Sydney, says discussions have begun between himself and the club to extend his stay, but no offer has been tabled.

Hands up if you want a new contract ... Roy O’Donovan is keen to stay with the Mariners after this season. Picture: Getty Images
It’s been reported that Newcastle are interested in O’Donovan, while Brisbane Roar and the Wanderers are keeping their ears to the ground.

If the former Sunderland attacker was to depart, he would leave a gaping hole in the roster with Josh Bingham and Blake Powell the only logical replacements currently under contract.

The answer is simple for O’Donovan though — he wants to play at a club where the vision and strength of the squad matches his own expectations.

“The Mariners have spoken to me — I had a brief conversation with Shaun (Mielekamp) and Paulo and they want me to stay but that conversation hasn’t pushed any further yet,” he said.

“We’ll see — it depends on the players who are coming in and how badly the club wants to build something with me as a part of it. I’d like to know who’s going to be creating the goals, who will be stopping them, and who’s going to be in the dressing room next year.

“The last three or four years there’s been a lot of money wasted here and they can’t afford to do that again.”

O’Donovan does recognise, however, that the Mariners are building towards something big under Paul Okon, and he still owes them after the “debacle” of last season. “We’re on the cusp of something good,” he said.

“In the past few years the club has made many mistakes on and off the field but they’ve got a few things right now.

“We’ve got some young players with experience that are kicking on and need to be looked after, a good manager with a good style of football and identity.

“It’s important now that the personnel is right because there is no point taking two steps forward and then three steps back next season.”

The immediate focus for both club and player is on Melbourne Victory for now, who are coming off a dour 0-0 draw with Newcastle in the Hunter.

O’Donovan isn’t worried about a fired-up Victory though — he’s confident the resurgent Mariners can cope with Kevin Muscat’s men.

“No fear at all. They’re a good side but we have to concentrate on us,” he said.

“If we continue to play the way we did in the second half last week then we’ll always be OK. We’re confident we’ll give Victory a good game even without Monty.”

Masterfood quality sauce:


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THE decision to buy one second-hand big screen for Central Coast Stadium – instead of the promised two new ones – has been described as “shocking” by the CEO of the region’s only professional sports team.

Central Coast Mariners chief executive officer Shaun Mielekamp was clearly frustrated when told by the Express Advocate this week that Central Coast Council had decided on August 7 to buy a used 120sq m Daktronics Panel Screen Monitor as a cost-saving measure.

Mr Mielekamp said the Mariners, who are the stadium’s major tenants, had been “kept in the dark” about the purchase and accused council of using “band-aids and quick fixes” in the development of the stadium.

The decision to buy just one screen for Central Coast Stadium was made in a closed and condfidential session of council when then administrator Ian Reynolds voted for staff to draw up a contract for the supply, installation, servicing and five-year warranty of the Daktronics Screen Monitor.

Minutes of the meeting said no tender process would be entered into due to the ‘‘specialist nature” of the screen, because it was unlikely another second-hand screen of the same quality and tech support would be found, and because the direct purchase would save money.

“Our last correspondence with Council was when they declined (Mariners owner) Mike Charlesworth’s offer for the Mariners to invest into the stadium which included two new big screens,” said Mr Mielekamp.

“They told us thanks but no thanks because the council was committing $900,000 in the draft budget for the two ‘new’ big screens and a further $1.05 million for additional amenities including the second set of change rooms which we desperately need for our future W-League team.

“To hear now that there is only one second-hand big screen being put in is shocking.

“Knowing how difficult it is to maintain a big screen on the waterfront we are surprised that such a decision has been made before the new council has had time to understand the situation.”

WHEN the Express Advocate contacted the council for comment this week, a spokeswoman backed away from the administrator’s August decision.

She said an “independent person” had since reviewed the resolution and while the purchase of the second-hand screen would proceed, the council could still pursue the purchase of a second screen, via a tender process.

“We’re doing both,” she said. “We’re doing both to give us options because we want what is best for the stadium.”

The spokeswoman did not answer questions pertaining to where the screen had come from, or how much money the council would save by purchasing it.



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Wonder if they have looked into what it would take to build another stadium somewhere else on the Coast - maybe up at Tuggerah - and let CCS rot? Pie in the sky thinking but you would think all options would need to be considered.