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Central Coast Mariners Squad 2021/22


Well-Known Member
It wouldn't be off season without us not announcing players and people freaking out.
Just like every season. We will have a squad and we will take the field in game #1 will 11 players
Yes we will miss out on players we think are good. That's because we have no money.
Who is coming and who coaches us will become clear over time.
Just like every season
Silly me for thinking a season spent at the top end of the table might help us be more active in recruiting players in advance rather than sorting through the specials bin at the last minute. I get it when we're coming off a spoon but after leading for so long and ending up third I thought maybe there's a chance.

Stephen Gibson

Active Member
I don’t know if mike. Charsworth will pay for him to come
To us we should keep Alen staj and he want good player spend more money mike CharlesWorth should do it so we get to final every year win toliet Seat Anton should buy club sell club overseas


Well-Known Member
Najjarine for DDS? Assuming DDS is gone and we could nab najj
DDS leaving is an opportunity to look at how we want to play. Assuming we have Bozanic & Stensness that’s our midfield anchors in a 442 or 4231. That leaves a player like DDS on a wing (not ideal) or in a central playmaker role in the 4231 and he hasn’t excelled with the pressure of that solo creative outlet in the past.

If it were up to me I’d be replacing him with someone who does well out wide. A Halloran/Goodwin type. Nisbet is adaptable and can play wide, DM or 10 if needed. Urena may do the job at 10 as well.


Active Member
Clisby has had his best season yet, but still made a few critical errors. It's a shame to lose him, but it's okay. I wish him all the best.

The club needs to have something to announce, fast.
Yeah, as much as it is disappointing to see Jack leave us I cannot blame him considering Perth being his home and where his family is. I will not be joining the inevitable booing chant when we encounter Glory next season, Reddy (difficult to keep up with what team he is at any given time) always, but Jack, never!


Active Member
Also I would not boo DDS.Only Ziggy,Millar,O'Donovan and Reddy deserve this form of disapproval.The booing of Connor Pain was bloody awful-he always gave full effort for CCM.
F**c* O'Donovan freaking Irish effing thug, Screw Millar, Reddy shit, his reputation speaks for itself and not in a favourable manner. He's the Clayton's goalie "the goalie you're having when your not having a goalie"


Active Member
3 to 4 signings on the way!
(So the rumours go)
Hopefully all 3/4 public within the week, maybe even starting tomorrow!

Hopefully will give us all some good vibes going into the weekend.

Won’t say who incase the whispers are wrong but all are important and 2 quite vital I’d reckon.
Or you could be a legend and make my night by telling us or just me Ahaha

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