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Discussion in 'Central Coast football' started by JoyfulPenguin, Jan 31, 2017.

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  3. JoyfulPenguin

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    Remember hearing something about it being there because of something to do with Central Coast Football having more control over the team?
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  4. FFC Mariner

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    Possibly meets NSWPL2 ground standards and the COE doesn't ?
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  5. Yoda

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    FFC Mariner is spot on. FNSW have stadium requirements that all NPL licensees must meet, that includes lighting (none at CoE), spectator facilities (canteen, seating for 500 spectators - again none at CoE) and the stadium must also be completely enclosed.
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  6. dibo

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    The requirement for 500 seats is hilarious, because I doubt the majority of games in any of the state divisions would attract more than 100.

    Looking at the plan that was apparently on display at the forum or pre-match (neither of which I was able to attend) last week, the COE's not getting developed to that standard.


    It looks like an excellent training base for the A-L, W-L, Y-L and academy setups, but the future illustration for the current pitch is notable for *not* having a grandstand over the sheds on the western side.
  7. Yoda

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    500 seat requirement is for NPL1 & NPL2 only.

    I wonder if there is a short/medium term opportunity to use the Tuggerah Regional Sporting Complex when its complete. I'm sure that I heard somewhere that there would be grandstand(s) built there for one field. Pluim may still be the better option given the fantastic facility, depending on what the ground hire fees are.
  8. Big Al

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    Seems strange to spend all this money and develop this COE for Pluim to be better. Surely they'd want at least one top class field.
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  9. JoyfulPenguin

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    The Central Coast Mariners Academy commence their PS4 NPL 2 season this Sunday at Pluim Park against Marconi Stallions and we caught up with the 1st team Head Coach, Ben Cahn and take a look at his squad.
    Cahn’s Foxtel National Youth League (FNYL) team who fell just a game short of the competition’s Grand Final are gearing up for the PS4 NPL 2 Season as the ‘Central Coast Mariners Academy’ with a few new faces to their ranks.

    Commencing their second segment of a 12 month cycle across two competitions (Foxtel National Youth League and PS4 NPL 2) Cahn has the luxury of taking a familiar group of players into the competition that will run from this weekend through until September.

    The batch of brightest young prospects at the Central Coast Mariners resume that journey this Sunday at Pluim Park and Head Coach Ben Cahn explained the transition between the FNYL & PS4 NPL 2 seasons.

    “This is a difficult time of the year to manage player’s training loads because we bring 18s & 20s into the mix as well as the FNYL squad,” Cahn said. “All the FNYL boys had a 2.5 to 3-week break and the 18s and 20s have not played since the last NPL season so bringing them all back in together is tough because they’re all at different stages of fitness but we’re at a point now where hopefully they’re quite aligned and we will be ready to go,” Cahn said.

    Majority of the players from the FNYL season have made the transition but there are also a couple of new faces added to the mix.

    “Because of the age restrictions put on us in the NPL we needed to make a couple of changes from our FNYL team,” Cahn said. “We’ve attracted some exciting young players, one to look out for is Charles William who came from the Parramatta Eagles and is a dynamic quick midfielder with all the attributes. We’re certainly excited by him this pre-season,” Cahn said.

    It’s a baptism of fire in PS4 NPL 2 Round 1 with the Mariners Academy pitted against one of the heavyweights of the competition in Marconi Stallions that boasts former Hyundai A-League players such as: Michael Beauchamp, Peter Triantis, Marko Jesic, Mirjan Pavlović and Sean Rooney to name a few.

    “We’ve managed to get some footage of their pre-season games and we’ve got a really good understanding of some of their players,” Cahn said. “We came up against them and didn’t do so well last season so we’ve prepared well this week to try and deal with them.

    “But also we need to keep in our heads that the focus should be on the development of our players – we have our own playing style that we’re trying to build and we if we can control enough of the game with the technical players that we’ve got we have a good chance,” Cahn said.

    Cahn arrived on the Central Coast from Noosa at the start of the last PS4 NPL 2 campaign and insists his understanding of the NSW competition as well as the players on his roster will make starting the season an easier task. Cahn also noted the differences between the FNYL & NPL competitions.

    “I’m much more familiar with the players and with football in NSW in general so I think we are in a much better place in terms of player recruitment, staff preparation and everything than we were this time last season,” Cahn said. “Having the FNYL leading into this NPL season has really helped.

    “But the NPL & FNYL are completely different competitions and different learning experiences for the boys. The FNYL is the best youth players in the country, it’s very technical and most teams have a possession based playing style that is less results focused.

    “If you look at the teams in the NPL there are a lot more older/experienced players and with promotion relegation – winning games is all that matters to those teams and you will face a variety of styles in the way teams play football,” Cahn said.

    During the very tight gap between the FNYL & NPL seasons, Cahn was also able to spend time with teams in the U.K. and learn more about best practice when it comes to youth development.

    “I was lucky enough to spend some time with Queens Park Rangers and Brentford,” Cahn said. “I spent two days with each – the first team and under 23s at QPR and the first team and B Team at Brentford.

    “It was a fantastic opportunity and I take as many chances as I can to broaden my knowledge and see what other clubs at similar levels are doing. It was certainly refreshing to see that what we’re doing here at the Mariners is not far off what the benchmark around the world are doing,” Cahn said.

    First Grade Kick-off is 1:30pm and entry is FREE!

    CLICK HERE to view the full Central Coast Mariners Academy Draw

    Central Coast Mariners Academy Squad: Jordon Bennett, Cooper Buswell, Shelford Dais, James Enticknap, Brenton Fox, Peter Kekeris, Matt Lee, Thomas Lyons, Jake McGuiness, Aidan Munford, Reece Papadimitrios, Adam Pearce, Maki Petratos, Sean Pratt, Mortaza Safdari, Gianni Stensness, Duncan Stewart, Lachlan Wales Steve Whyte, Charles William

    Central Coast Mariners Academy vs. Marconi Stallions
    Sunday 5 March 1:30pm kick-off
    Pluim Park, Lisarow

  10. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    They should of played at CCS before the main game 1.30pm finished by 3.30pm is plenty of time.
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  11. JoyfulPenguin

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    Changes from the Foxtel National Youth League Squad:
    Ins: Jake McGuiness, Aidan Munford, Charles William
    Outs: Ryan Peterson, Zac Sfiligoi
  12. Yoda

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    FYI - Aidan Munford was IN the FNYL squad (and played a couple of games when Pearce injured or rested).

    Does anyone know what club Ryan Peterson has signed with?
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  13. dibo

    dibo Well-Known Member

    Northern Tigers?
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  14. Yoda

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    That's him. Considering that it appeared he was knocking on the door for inclusion in the first team squad for most of the season, it seems a strange decision to leave the Mariners Academy NPL team to sign for Tigers.
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  15. Big Al

    Big Al Well-Known Member

    Might have decided professional football wasn't for him
  16. JoyfulPenguin

    JoyfulPenguin Well-Known Member

    Cheers was just going off of the initial squad list. Yeah sounds like Peterson decided against a professional career
  17. Football nut

    Football nut Member

    My understanding Peterson had is opportunity with the first team for Paulo to assess but was not part of his future plans so instead of keeping him to the end of the season they let him go so he had time to look for somewhere to play. As for the Academy side he is overage, I think the rules allow 3 over age players in NPL2 which they kept Whyte, Dias and Papas. Not 100% sure but I think he trialled at Blacktown ??? I do not think it was a matter of not wanting to be a professional footballer, it was a matter of being on the end of some tough decision that had to be made, football can be cruel, sometimes it is just being in the right place at the right time or wrong place at the wrong time.
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  18. JoyfulPenguin

    JoyfulPenguin Well-Known Member

    Cheers for the insight Football Nut. Just assumed because of Heward-Belle really.
  19. Yoda

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    Academy NPL vs Marconi 5th March at Pluim Park
    U18 1-0 (M Cahill)
    U20 1-3 (M Lee)
    1st 1-3 (B Fox)

    1st grade went down 0-1 early from a Sean Rooney goal. CCM received a pen not long after but it was blasted well over by Duncan Stewart.
    Brenton Fox scored the CCM opener about halfway into the first half, cut in from right wing onto his left foot curling into the far post. 1-1 at half time.

    Gianni Stensness was replaced at CB by Jake McGuinness at half time, Ben Cahn clearly not happy with his performance.

    Second half was tense with both teams having periods of dominance but unable to take the lead in miserable conditions. Cahn's half time substitution was proven to be a poor one, when an underhit back pass from McGuinness with about 15 minutes to go gifted Marconi the lead with about 15 minutes remaining. Pavlovic almost made a meal of it, just barely rounding the goalkeeper, Adam Pearce, and took himself away from goal with little control, but managed to put it into the net from very close range despite some desperate last ditch defending. Mariners battled hard with chances to get something out of the game, Lachie Wales coming off the bench to add some spark to the attack. A third goal to Marconi in the dying minutes from the chest of Marko Jesic on the back post meant there were to be no points earned in the season opener for the Academy first team. Terrific effort and probably deserved something out of the game against a very experienced, and I would imagine expensive, Marconi outfit.

    Onwards and upwards with the next game away to the relegated NPL1 club Blacktown Spartans on Saturday night.
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  20. JoyfulPenguin

    JoyfulPenguin Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the awesome report Yoda!

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