Central Coast Bears making a comeback?????...what will that do to the Mariners

Discussion in 'Central Coast Mariners FC' started by finally retired, Aug 9, 2019.

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    That's actually an argument in favour of the bears, IMO - because the biggest issue with the Northern Eagles was that it was (correctly) perceived as really being Manly and not a true Manly-Norths shared venture. (also highlights how frustrating it is that we can't get people in the gates)

    The Coast has always had a good connection to the Bears as they've always supported our youth, and the Coast didn't like what Manly were doing to the Bears as part of the Eagles - and we felt that the Eagles were being forced upon us with the expectation it would fail so it would be used as an argument to not give us a team.

    So, I honestly think the coast would happy adopt a relocated Bears team due to the existing connections, whereas we didn't adopt a relocated Manly team pretending to be half-bears because there's no connection and we didn't like what they were doing to the team we were connected with.

    In short, the fact that as many people turned up as they did just shows how much the coast has been screaming for a NRL team for decades.

    I think we've shown well enough that we'd support a team and we are a strong League area - and as CCM fans we shouldn't be afraid of it. Of course there's pragmatic challenges over turf rejuvenation and the short period of overlap, but these problems already exist anyway.

    I mean, council simply aren't going to give us the stadium either way - so perhaps having NRL teams here may help motivate council to invest in the stadium as well as rejuvenate that area of Gosford.

    And heck, if it introduces more people into how easy it is to get to the stadium and that it can be a really easy night out - get a feed in Gosford or at the leaguesy, go across the road to watch a game, head back to the Leaguesy after for a bear or just take a 10min walk to your car or the station....well, by bringing the stadium into more people's awareness and lifestyle, I would suggest it may actually help keep people coming in Summer.
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    I take your point about Manly but the fact still remains that Norths traditionally were a low drawing team. Games at CCS with low drawing teams were what kept the averages down during the Northern Eagles years. They still attracted large crowds for Souths, Parramatta, Canterbury and Tigers games.

    I agree also that the Council is unlikely to relinquish control at this stage.

    I find that disappointing in two ways. Firstly it would give the Mariners more financial stability if they controlled the Stadium. Secondly I cannot see the Council employing more people to garner more (CCM friendly events). It is run by very few staff at present.

    More events would hopefully lead to the ability to subsidise more local community events. It is after all basically a community asset that for all but 20-25 days a year is off limits to the community.
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    Still, can't see the Knights and Manly CEO's voting for a coast team EVER
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    I didn't know the Bears were a baseball team, until I saw a poster in East Gosford this morning.
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    RE: crowds at the paddock wrestling
    Mrs Recky and moi went down to the SCG ( Swans Cikka Goals) the other Sunday to watch her Sydney Roosters v NZ Warriors and TBF the crowds were a bit light for 2pm on a Sunday.....and we go too the easts games at blue tongue , those crowds ain’t bad ...so basically , this whole stream of consciousness helped absolutely nothing :vhappy:
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    yep,that’s me alrighty

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