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CCM W-League

Shaun Mielekamp

Well-Known Member
Hey guys

Tomorrow we are formally applying again for CCM to be included into the W-League. This is something that is very important to us as a club to be allowed to grow and complete our Football brand just like every other Australian based A-League club is permitted to do. We have some great sponsors lined up and even better some brilliant players.

I will be putting a call out for everyone to show there support by signing an online petition or head down to a WNPL match and cheer our girls on. One of the key things we need to prove is that there is enough support to know that the crowds will be strong and the support even stronger. Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will try and answer when I can.

The change rooms are being built and the talent is there, the bye round is there to be filled and it makes no sense to not include us.

Thanks in advance for all your support on this.


Well-Known Member
Great news Shaun. I have watched lots of the WNPL and i'm sure it will be a big success on the Coast. Women's football is a growing sport and we need to be a part of it.


Well-Known Member
Excellent news. Hopefully this is accepted. I look forward to watching the team

Josho Howe

Well-Known Member
One of the first games l took my Pop to was when we were playing a semi-final at CCS. We lost, but a staunch rugby league man told me he enjoyed it immensely. I think if we get a team, the crowds will come. Women's football has such good momentum in Australia atm. FFA should capitalise and bring in us as the 10th team.


Well-Known Member
SUPPORT THE GIRLS: Get along to the CCM NPL 2 Women’s game this Sunday 28 May, 2018 at 3:00pm held at the International Football School, Kariong

Julie Dolan & Dan Barrett to lead Mariners W-League Bid

The Central Coast Mariners are excited to announce the appointments of former Matildas Captain Julie Dolan and Mariners Academy Women’s NPL Head Coach Dan Barrett as Ambassadors for the club’s bid to have a Westfield W-League team introduced to the 2018/19 season.

The announcement was made today at Central Coast Stadium by Mariners’ CEO Shaun Mielekamp, where the construction of the venue’s additional set of change rooms are well underway.

“Firstly I would like to thank Central Coast Council and the great crew at Central Coast Stadium for their hard work and commitment to ensuring that we can now play double headers here at the venue,” Mielekamp said. “This ticks a huge box for us to get our W-League team finally up and running again. Our iconic stadium will host bigger crowds through double headers, whilst supporters of the Women’s game who have been disengaged for so long will have a team they can call their own,” Mielekamp said.

“It is important for everyone to know just how committed and serious we are to bringing a W-League team to this community and completing the football landscape on the Coast. We have sponsors ready to go, we have players that want to sign with us, we now have all the state of the art facilities and the support needed to make sure we can finally complete the Central Coast Mariners brand and have the same opportunities granted to us, that all other Australian based A-League teams have,” Mielekamp said.

Mielekamp today fronted media at Central Coast Stadium, praising Dolan & Barrett as the two perfect candidates to drive the club’s Westfield W-League bid.

“For us to have the ability to draw on such a wealth of experience and talent in Julie Dolan and Dan Barrett is just our most recent step - but a very important one that will ensure there is no doubt in anyone’s minds that the Central Coast Mariners W-League will be a huge success,” Mielekamp said.

Recognised as the pioneer of women’s football in Australia, Dolan began her career as a 14-year-old and went on to become the first Captain of the squad in 1979 at only 16-years-of-age. Leading the squad to the first Women’s World Cup in 1988, Dolan is also an inductee of the Football Federation Australia’s Hall of Fame and holds 34 international caps to her name across a 14 year professional career.

Dolan spoke with the media this morning about her new role.

“I am honoured to be an Ambassador for the Central Coast Mariners and excited to be working with them to introduce in a W-League team for the upcoming season.” Dolan said. “The Central Coast is an untapped source full of female football talent, and by expanding the league to a tenth team, it will add to the national talent pool, and provide a fantastic opportunity for female footballers and their fans on the Coast.

“The Mariners aspire for these women to become role models in the community, and show young girls that they can achieve a professional career playing the sport they love,” Dolan said.

Dan Barrett shared these sentiments with his International Football School colleague, stressing the importance of a tenth team in the Westfield W-League to provide more opportunities for young female stars.

“It is vitally important, in particular for our younger players on the Central Coast to be provided with a local stage where they can play at the highest level,” Barrett said. “It has been extremely tough for our local juniors who are required to travel two hours up or down the road to gain access to the W-League, and sometimes that can have detrimental effects on a young player,” Barrett said.

A former W-League coach with Sydney FC, Barrett has lived on the Central Coast for over 17 years and is enjoying his new role to grow the game for women locally and continue to strengthen our national side.

“A Central Coast Mariners W-League team will provide more opportunities for our young aspiring players,” Barrett said. “There are plenty of great young footballers in Australia who aren’t getting minutes on the pitch. Adding another team will give these players the opportunity to show Australia what they’ve got, and help our aspiring Young Matildas become full Matildas - building a greater base and more depth for the national team,” Barrett said.

The Central Coast Mariners are encouraging everyone on the Coast to show their support for a women’s team in the national competition, and Mielekamp says it’s easy for fans to get involved.

“I implore all football fans and sports fans in general on the Coast to get behind this and show that there is a real strong level of community spirit to ensure that we have a team represent us on the national stage,” Mielekamp said. “Whether that’s by connecting via social media to the campaign or by coming along to one of our upcoming WNPL matches, anything fans can do to show their support is greatly appreciated and will help make sure the FFA know this is a serious and very important decision to be made,” Mielekamp said.


SIGN THE PETITION: Click here to show your support online!

SUPPORT THE GIRLS: Get along to the CCM NPL 2 Women’s game this Sunday 28 May, 2018 at 3:00pm held at the International Football School, Kariong


Active Member
The women's game has grown so much over the last few years....Will be great to have double headers.....

Big Al

Well-Known Member
Didn't we already have a Women's team?
Yeah they lost to Newcastle in the last round and are now applying to play in a more appropriate league :p

We have an NPL side but want an W League side.

We had one years ago, but no more

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