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Its a good move and I hope he takes some of the pragmatism from his time under GA here as a player because Ange's formula isn't guaranteed.


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Dylan Fox played a full game for North East United as they defeated Jamshedpur 2-1. Nick Fitzgerald came on in the 63rd minute in only his second appearance for Jamshedpur.

Caught the last ten minutes of the game and Fox's direct opponent really should have given Jamshedpur an equaliser, Fox allowed him a free header from a lofted through ball. Commentator remarked that Fitzgerald did "okay".


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IOC, AOC and Japan all barking mad. Not only will Covid not be under control, the Olympics is a known fk fest. 1 case of Covid would turn into every athlete having Covid inside a month.
Everyone involved including support staff would need to be vaccinated. I think it’s doable, whether they should is a different story.


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Everyone involved including support staff would need to be vaccinated. I think it’s doable, whether they should is a different story.
Depends on the vaccine too. They may not make you immune but rather prevent you getting crook but you'll still shed virus is my understanding.

Its a big gamble. I guess TV rights is where all the money is for the IOC, so they probably don't care about attendance. Its Japan that will suffer the cost of no gain through tourism.


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I am a bit ambivalent about Maty's loan move to Arsenal.If he is no 2 he will hopefully get game time in FA Cup/Europa Cup matches.This is an improvement on the situation at Brighton.

However it is a loan move and if,as likely, Brighton gets relegated and the c..t Potter gets sacked Brighton might want Maty back for the Championship.It is still a good standard league but would it be a good career move.Hopefully Arsenal like him and sign him at the end of the season.

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