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Australian Football Stuff - not worthy of a thread


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Also looks like Aus is down to 1 direct entry (premiers) and 2 qualifying round entries (unclear if grand final winner or second in points, FFA cup for other)
Maybe because we are a waste of space in the competition, there has been a lot of comments lately how we are adding very little and it’s pretty hard to argue otherwise especially with even less money in the league. The best a league team is a Mariners team in the ACL, underfunded and lacking quality players.


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Maybe because we are a waste of space in the competition, there has been a lot of comments lately how we are adding very little and it’s pretty hard to argue otherwise especially with even less money in the league. The best a league team is a Mariners team in the ACL, underfunded and lacking quality players.
I agree, the gap is too great and that’s not going to be any different for anyone outside Japan/South Korea/ China. Average Chinese players aren’t amazing from what I’ve seen but the money they can offer foreigners gets players on a higher level. Japanese and Korean teams have more of an overall gap.

Whoever steps in to that direct slot is destined to have the same issues it’s just the way the east division is. I’d be more interested in the comp if it wasn’t so protected for the West region. Would mix things up a bit.

Pirate Pete

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Muscat set to be sacked by Belgian club after 14 games: reports​

Kevin Muscat's time in charge of battling Belgian Pro League outfit Sint-Truiden is over, with the axe set to fall on the former Melbourne Victory coach after just 14 games in the job.


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I have no idea where to put this so i`ll leave it here for now.

Further to the discussion re WSW rorting the salary cap, i`m just taking a rough guess at their players salaries.
Based on the following :-

* A-League first-team players are earning an average annual wage of AU $182,159, according to the 2018 Global Sports Salaries Survey.26 Nov 2018

So if we say the players took a 30% pay cut for Covid-19 that makes the average player worth about $127,113- per season.

This is the information given regarding the Salary cap:-

The Salary Cap facilitates competitive balance and parity between A-League Clubs by ensuring that the playing talent is distributed amongst the Clubs. In doing so, this increases the attraction of the competition to fans, sponsors and broadcast partners.

The Salary Cap also safeguards the economic viability of the A-League by ensuring that Clubs are not put in a position where they are forced to spend beyond their financial capabilities in order to stay competitive on the field.
The A-League Salary Cap is $2.1 million for all Clubs (excl. Macarthur FC and Western United FC) for the 2020/21 Season. The A-League Salary Cap for Macarthur FC and Western United FC is $2.433 million for the 2020/21 Season. All Clubs must spend at least the Salary Floor which is $1.7 million.
The Salary Cap applies to the 18 to 23 Players that Clubs have registered to their A-League Player Roster. Unless specifically exempt, all payments and benefits (e.g. cars, accommodation, etc) provided by a Club to a Player are included in the Club’s Salary Cap.
Players can receive payments from Clubs outside the Salary Cap in certain circumstances. These ‘exemptions’ or ‘allowances’ incentivise Clubs to spend in specific strategic areas such as attracting marketable world class players to the A-League (Designated or Guest Players), retaining long-serving Players on multi-year contracts (Loyalty Players) or encouraging the development of young Australian Players (Homegrown Players).
The following discretionary payments are outside the Salary Cap:
  • Designated Players – A Club can spend an unlimited amount on two Players (Foreign or Australian) it nominates as Designated Players;
  • Guest Player – A Club can spend an unlimited amount on one Guest Player who must satisfy the prescribed marketability criteria. A Guest Player is restricted to a maximum of 14 A-League matches;
  • Homegrown Players – A Club can spend an unlimited amount on 4 Australian Players aged 23 or younger that have come through the Club’s youth system;
  • Loyalty Players – A Club can spend an unlimited amount across any number of Players that have given 4 or more consecutive seasons of service to the Club. A portion of a Loyalty Player’s contract value is excluded from the Salary Cap based on a progressive scale;
  • Scholarship Players – Each Club can contract up to 9 under 23 Australian Players on the national minimum wage. Any payments above the national minimum wage to these Players are included in the Club’s Salary Cap;
  • Salary Cap Banking – Each Club can access a specified value in Salary Cap Banking for the 2020/21 Season; and
  • Relocation Expenses – Clubs can reimburse Players for bona fide relocation expenses (e.g. airfares, temporary accommodation, storage) outside the Salary Cap up to prescribed amounts in order to assist a Player relocating to a new region for football employment.
At all times during the Season, a Club’s A-League Player Roster must have:
  • a minimum of 18 Players;
  • a maximum of 23 Players;
  • a minimum of 2 Goalkeepers;
  • a minimum of 3 Australian Players aged 23 or under;
  • and a maximum of five foreign players.
Guest Players sit outside the Club’s A-League Player Roster. Players on a Club’s Y-League Player Roster, including Scholarship Players, are also eligible to participate in the A-League.
The minimum salary for Players (incl. superannuation) in the A-League in the 2020/21 Season varies depending on age and ranges from $45,000 to $62,500.

Dorrans Scotland 12 caps $200k
Cox Ireland 30 caps $250k
Muller 250+ AL Games+OS $175k
Mutch 200 OS Games $150k
Gordon 240 AL Games + OS $150k

Troisi 100+ AL Games +OS Aust-37 designated ? Not included​

Ibini 100+ AL Games + OS $150k
Kamau 100+ AL Games + OS $150k
Yaboah 100+ AL Games + OS $150k
Duke 100+ AL Games + OS 4 Aust Caps $175- Loan
Georgevski 250 AL Games + OS Macedonia 22 $150k
Margush (Gk) 9 AL Games SP
McGowan 228 AL Games + OS 1 Aust cap $150k
Mourdoukoutas 21 AL games Home Grown
O`Doherty 55 AL Games $130k
Baccus 94 AL Games Home Grown
Russell 29 AL Games $100k
Zeigler 200 AL Games + OS $150k
Cancar SP
Auglar HG
Grozos SP
Kalac (Gk) SP
James (Gk) SP
Natta SP
Aquilina SP

Conclusion: I`ve been conservative in my estimations of the salaries.
WSW have a number of players that are excluded (I`m guessing that Troisi is a designated
player & Cox may also be a designated player) which would put them under the salary cap.
If Dukes wages are paid by WSW that would put them close.


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I reckon you’ve been overly conservative there and quite a few would have wages starting with 2 not 1. But yeah home grown or back ended deals is the only thing that could be saving them.

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