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    Yep second very favourable decision to the drive byes. I thought they may have given it to even them out but noooo lets keep up the WSW band wagon. Was glad they got done in the end by a very good first touch from Appiah, who would have thought but still a horrendous conversion rate after 80 games.
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  2. RECKY

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    I can't decide if their making drive bys look fashionable so they fill up those thousands of seats every home game or not ...if they are their plan is blatantly flawed
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    Original or new independent FFA, when do they ever making smart decisions for the benefit of the HAL. New guys so far have not shown they will be any better IMO. But i’ll give them more time.

    Drive byes will give a sugar hit to attendance rates as WU clearly isn’t from their Geelong home games. Their crowds look shit in the that big ground.
  4. RECKY

    RECKY I'm an idiot savant without the pesky savant bit

    You can't tell me their isnt a rectangular ground in the whole of Geelong that united could use instead of that monstrous cavern
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    I was there (in the safe standing bay its' awesome btw) the 1st 1/2 wasn't that bad.
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    Pim Verbeek has lost his battle with cancer. Vale Pim - R.I.P.

    While many didn't like his playing style his record of 18 wins, 9 draws and 6 losses stacks up very well. He almost got us to the last 16 of the World Cup only missing out on goal difference. His team's win against Serbia in 2010 is our last win in a World Cup finals game.

    Only Rasic and Hiddink took us further (only 16 in 1974), Spoke to him at CCS once and he was very friendly and open.
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    Former Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek dead at 63
    Tom Smithies, The Daily Telegraph
    November 28, 2019 10:28pm

    It will be the tea and cake that I recall most fondly about Pim Verbeek, the former Socceroos coach who has died aged 63.

    Cups of tea and cake at their Manly apartment epitomised the private warmth and hospitality of Verbeek and his wife Anneke during the nearly three years he spent living and working in Australia.

    Cancer has taken a dignified and principled man of warm humanity, whose public candour – and outspoken views on the standard of the A-League – rather belied his sense of humour.

    He loved to talk football, but also to engage in the world around him as he coached across the globe and at three World Cups, over almost 40 years.

    Though his coaching style with Australia was the source of considerable debate, especially at the 2010 World Cup, he carried an air of decency in a sport where too often the chancers thrive.


    Undoubtedly his style was conservative and pragmatic, but it’s worth recalling the circumstances of his appointment in late 2007, just weeks before Australia’s World Cup qualifying campaign was due to begin.

    Dick Advocaat had signed a deal to be Socceroos coach, but reneged after being promised inconceivable amounts of money by Zenit St Petersburg in Russia.

    In a panic FFA officials sought an available replacement, and Guus Hiddink among others mentioned Verbeek – his assistant coach with South Korea at the 2002 World Cup, when they reached the semifinals. Ironically he performed the same role under Advocaat four years later.

    Verbeek was duly appointed Socceroos coach just eight weeks before the first World Cup qualifier, and I recall him standing in the foyer of the team hotel in Melbourne in February 2008, greeting players for the first time just two days before that first game in charge.


    Australia was still getting to grips with the practicalities of playing in Asia, and there were question marks over how many of the senior players would be able to return for the qualifiers.

    Verbeek’s solution was to rely on home wins and a defensive mindset in away games, often played in oppressively hot and humid conditions. Some critics called it “unAustralian”, whatever that meant, but the result was the Socceroos becoming only the second team to qualify for the 2010 World Cup, a full year out.

    By the time the tournament came around he had already announced that he would be moving on, and a humbling 4-0 defeat to Germany in the opening game sparked fury among some commentators at his defensive tactics.

    Pim Verbeek at the Asian Cup in January, where he coached Oman.
    Yet Australia ended up with four points, the same as in 2006, and only missed going through on goal difference. As a little context, also, that Germany team would go on to put four past England, reach the semifinals and win the World Cup four years on.

    If in truth Verbeek could not be categorised as one of Holland’s top-level coaching exports, he moved comfortably in their company – counting the likes of Louis van Gaal among his friends thanks to years helping to steer the Dutch coaching union.

    In private, he was very easy to like. In 2009 he wrote some columns for News Corp and answered readers’ questions, each time asking my help to draft them.

    It was there that the tea and cake were provided, and at one point a reader asked about a player who Verbeek had never selected despite public pressure to do so.

    Verbeek showed me two messages he had sent to the player asking for a chat, neither of which were answered. When I suggested he might reply to the reader with that, he declined - doing the dignified thing always more important to him than winning a cheap popularity contest.
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    Caltex Socceroos' Copa America opponents revealed

    The Caltex Socceroos will take on hosts Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay in the Group Stage at the Copa America 2020 next June after the draw for the prestigious competition was held in Cartagena, Colombia today (AEDT).

    The draw, which was attended by Caltex Socceroos Assistant Coach Rene Meulensteen, saw Australia grouped in the ‘South Zone’ for the competition, meaning the Socceroos will play all of their pool matches in Argentina.

    The match schedule for the 47th edition of the Copa America will be confirmed in due course, however Australia could play its fixtures in the cities of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, and/or Santiago del Estero.

    Along with Qatar, Australia is one of two invited nations for the tournament, which is being held in consecutive years to bring it in line with UEFA’s European Championship.

    Ultimate Guide: Caltex Socceroos at Copa America 2020

    “The Copa America is the oldest international football competition in the world and we are honoured to have received an invitation to compete,” Caltex Socceroos Head Coach Graham Arnold said.

    MORE: What is the Copa America?
    DRAW: Copa America 2020 draw time confirmed - who will the Caltex Socceroos face?

    “With the draw now complete we will ramp up our logistical planning and scouting over the coming months, while maintaining full focus on the final four fixtures we have in round two of FIFA World Cup qualifying.

    “Adding the Copa America to our schedule next year will mean that the Socceroos will play at least fourteen matches throughout 2020. This will mean that there are plenty of matches for fans to enjoy, but also provide us with the chance to work consistently with the squad as we prepare for round three of FIFA World Cup qualification.”

    Supporters seeking to travel to the Copa America 2020 can do so via Australia’s Green & Gold Army.

    The Green & Gold Army will be the FFA’s Official Tour Partner for the Copa America 2020, and will provide a range of tour packages to the tournament. To find out about the Green & Gold Army’s Copa America 2020 tour options, please click HERE.

    Brazil are the reigning Copa America Champions having secured their ninth title earlier this year, while Uruguay are the most successful nation in Copa America history, having held the trophy aloft on 15 occasions.

    When are our fixtures?

    QUALIFIERS: When are tickets on sale for Kuwait clash in Perth?
    MORE: Caltex Socceroos on the rise in latest FIFA World Rankings


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    I wonder if there's a reason Robbie's eye look bloodshot?
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    Judging from the appalling VAR penalty against WSW, it seems like the VAR was worried that he hadn't caused enough controversy lately
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    Apparently fake news.
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    McDonald looks like he is enjoying his football so agree it looks like fake news. Maybe if it was some of the fringe players it would at least appear part believable.
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    The story was him and a few others. The Soccer Stoppage Time podcast is online if you want to dig in to it. Pasquali supposedly had a very bad time and will be on the way out.
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    AKA the made up bollocks show. Absolute garbage and not worth listening to. Invariably wrong about everything as they push his agenda
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    Ninko staying at Bling, I wonder who their next target will be? I don't think Oar comes onto the same page as Ninko. They should take a leaf out of WU's book and look for some older OS players to build a team around, it is serving them well for their first year when you have to be competitive to build up a fan base.

    Things don't look to be going all that well at the Drive Byes, Markus may do well to last the season. :thumbup:
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