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Australia Cup 2023


Well-Known Member
Agree that wasn't that bad and we managed to cleared it, for their second goal though when he missed the ball completely (look like an air swing) and they scored was probably his lowest moment. Although he had a CB partner he hasn't played with before and a very young one as well. Both back lines were young and if the strikers were not so rusty could have been 6 all not 3 all.
That goal was on Theo. Lost the ball, didn't challenge to get it back then watched as they countered. Meanwhile storm was busting a testicle trying to get back.


Well-Known Member
Yeah that was dodgy as. No way there was 2 mins extra just in stoppage time.

Side note how crap were we in the friendly that they beat us badly?
When even the commentators are saying the extra time is ridiculous, it’s 100% ridiculous.

They also beat Perth 4-0. I mean Perth are crap currently 😂 but I think Pete said we were deliberately fatigued going in.


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It’s very kind of WSW to give Thomas another shirt this year that diverts your eyes from his fizzog……

Just sayin’ :headbounce:

true believer

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clear hand ball on sydney . once the replay confirmed the gutless commentary team was silent ,
32 minute . harps and fellow stooge shown a 5th story window

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