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ALM R16 vs 🐑 shagger velcro gloves and wellies brigade


Well-Known Member
I would say we avoided crossing as they are a counter attack team, we commit too many even once and ball drops to their feet and they are away.

Very clever for us t to play this one out, take draw and keep the confidence going.
Rather than go for it and loose and you can start a spiral.

Mind you if we have Tapp or Steele we may have had the power to take that to them a bit more safely.

Having Tapp and Steele return for back end of season will be very nice


Well-Known Member
A draw is a great result, especially since we kept a clean sheet, Wellington would and should be spewing they failed to beat us on their big day, considering the fact that we were recently playing in Adelaide, to come to NZ and manage a draw against top of the table is a great effort. 11 now undefeated and I can see that continuing as we host SFC next.


Active Member
Why didn't Vuka warm up at the start?

Draws are always frustrating (unless you come from behind to make it happen), but a fair result I think.

And we've got some valuable experience in an important, top-table clash - and managed to walk out of it without a defeat. That's certainly positive.
Vuka said he was feeling off before the game, bit dizzy and it hit him again right at the end of the game.

I'll take a draw in NZ after a hot night in Adelaide on Sat night, they looked better early but we came home strong getting the last 3 nice shots on target or close to it!
I'm suprised with how fit our lads are this season, maybe the Asian travel's helping them, not hindering them! They look miles in front of other teams for fitness atm.
Good sub of T Harris and was good to see most of the crowd and empty seats wearing our colour!
Plenty of time to still go top, the Nix will drop plenty of points on the mainland before the season is out.
Onto Sydney at home next week!

true believer

Well-Known Member
i thought the boyz looked buggered and were trying to conserve energy most of the game
i thought doka did ok .
torres never crosses to a centre forward .just ask alou .
di pizio in my mind ,is in front of edo .at this time
ronnie has nice feet .id be tempted to start him in front of theo harris saturday
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Big Al

Well-Known Member
They were a bit too physical for us and a very tactical game but both defenses reigned supreme.

Is that going to lead the rest of the league to sit back on us? If they do, do they have the discipline of the Nix.

Torres was frustrated by them today.

Maxi needed to release Torres earlier in the first half as was the only time he had space and received it to late and wide to be dangerous.

Great hit by Balard late and nice work from Jing to box the defender to leave that gap for the shot. Looked in until the late bend

Ancient Mariner

Well-Known Member
Crosses will not happen with the current set up of no one taking it to the line
On the right, Theo plays well in field and goes further that way when he gets the ball. If he does pass to an overlapping fullback (rarely) the ball is usually then played towards the corner of the box.
On the left when Fazz overlapped it was generally on the inside. If Torres has the ball he generally shoots or runs through brick walls.
Crossing does not seem to be part of the game plan and when the ball is sent across the spot usually it is missed.

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